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  • powerrocker

    f**king EPIC!!!! Nuff said.

    avril 2014
  • trevor_hunter

    how do you make a 3 minute song epic?

    mars 2014
  • johnnyyuri


    février 2013
  • Maick_MK

    bOINA :o

    juillet 2012
  • rockandrolljoe

    There was magic in the air.

    juillet 2012
  • jk20002912


    juin 2012

    Takes me back..............

    mai 2012

    live hard , die hard , fuck hard \m/ [2]

    avril 2012
  • part1cle

    Saw them in Cardiff many years ago. It was a wee bit boring and some people were starting to throw things on stage. Biff stopped the gig and shouted "Oi! Stop throwing things, its not funny". A few seconds later a 2 litre bottle of wee hits him direct in the chest, he staggers back and announces "OK, I'll give you that. That WAS funny". Good man. Only question is where on earth did the bottle of pee come from at such short notice? I'll be pondering that till the day I die.

    février 2012
  • BlackLTD401

    Rock On

    janvier 2012
  • nopuppet

    We sat in the sun, woah-oh-oh!!!!

    décembre 2011
  • Metalization

    how can 3 minutes be that epic

    décembre 2011
  • metalfuzzi666

    klasse Song

    décembre 2011
  • dravensoul1970

    takes me back to school dyz

    septembre 2011
  • joecubbie

    Awesome band. Can't wait to see them live!

    septembre 2011
  • Hungoverr

    live hard , die hard , fuck hard \m/

    juillet 2011
  • AcidRain1

    Saxon Fucking Rule

    juillet 2011
  • nodicenate

    This songs pumps me up almost as much as if it was 1980 and I was on my way to Donington to see Priest, Rainbow, the Scorps, Riot, and Saxon.

    juillet 2011
  • rockandrolljoe

    And SAXON played on

    juin 2011
  • Thommy05

    Echt stark !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    décembre 2010
  • sharpspiral

    how do you make a 3 minute song epic?

    décembre 2010
  • ointment19

    great lyrics, and great song...

    novembre 2010
  • JohnnyCage666

    Oh yeah :-) Forever great :-)

    septembre 2010
  • heavyivan

    ...and the band, played on!!!

    septembre 2010

    The Power and the GLORY to 'ya all!

    août 2010
  • Sakurazuka30890

    I love this music! The best of Saxon in my opinion

    juillet 2010
  • Tabbycat1

    Hearing this on the barrier at the main stage of Donington at the 30th anniversary of the festival = indescribable. Getting tears springing to my eyes in a good way at the memory.

    juin 2010
  • Deandl

    so genial ....

    avril 2010
  • filetito22

    no voy a pagar por escuchar una musica que me la descargo suavemente de paginas que no nombraré para que no las pongan de pago también.

    avril 2010
  • paulevo67

    seen saxon @ stafford 1981, bloody awesome, cant wait to see em at download, bring it on SAXON!!!!!!!!!!!

    mars 2010
  • genxer67

    Had the opportunity of serious hang time with Oliver -Dawson's Saxon at the Yardbirds Rock Club in Grimsby, Linconshire U.K. last June. They were louder then hell & tite...Grahm Oliver and Steve Dawson are a class act and the respect was mutual. Fronting the band now is John Ward ex Slash/ Shy. A total wildman! Good people Dude... Scotty Too Hottie 1%er Warlocks Motorcycle Club Brevard County Fla. USA W F F W

    février 2010
  • arnoldsarmy

    its funny how in every picture that tall blonde dude is out front and in the middle

    février 2010
  • EternalPrisoner

    A song about their first appearance at the Monsters Of Rock Festival, Donington Park in 1980, i believe, and it's still a classic today.... \m/

    février 2010
  • jerrysoandso

    to the end..

    février 2010
  • christerix62

    Einfach gut !

    janvier 2010
  • metal-nobby

    SAXON 4EVER !!!!!!!!

    novembre 2009
  • moonhider

    NWOBHM - I remember this awesome time

    octobre 2009
  • clokc

    so win .. epic

    octobre 2009
  • AlisAmanka

    wonderful song!!!

    septembre 2009
  • ItsAlreadyTakin

    \m/ ☺ \m/

    septembre 2009
  • JamieKOD666

    Fucking tune!! This is on my local pubs jukebox!

    août 2009
  • nolanlewis

    Saxon fukin rules!!

    août 2009
  • Struppy75

    auch nicht schlecht

    juin 2009
  • Struppy75


    juin 2009
  • Scoundrel_1

    Saxon rocks!

    mai 2009
  • gilsonthrasher


    avril 2009
  • saulgar2

    tenia un chingo de ganas de escuchar esta rola !!! Clasico !!!

    avril 2009
  • nopuppet

    a song for the fans..what more need you say?

    avril 2009
  • rockyrotten

    Una joyita de metal. Salud

    avril 2009
  • Huxy180


    avril 2009