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  • Reliq_

    the second half is really lovely

    août 2013
  • TurrIsLegend

    Love this.

    février 2013
  • McFearless835

    The second half. I hope my life sounds like that one day.

    avril 2012
  • niceverdict

    they're actually pretty good! hmm

    janvier 2012
  • irishtim

    The second half of this song gives me goosebumps.

    novembre 2011
  • AEnimia

    'This sounds just like Explosions in the Sky.' yeah, except, you know, good. dave turncrantz alone has more talent than that entire band.

    août 2011
  • viriatomata


    août 2011
  • Phlong87

    These guys put on an incredible live show [2]

    juin 2011
  • undertow13


    mai 2011
  • plasmazombie

    Did I? Oh, I did.

    mai 2011
  • ullenie

    more than good......+

    mai 2011
  • metalip


    mars 2011
  • ManweSulimo2004

    This sounds just like Explosions in the Sky.

    janvier 2011
  • n0umena

    this song is way better than i first thought!

    janvier 2011
  • MarkSandman99

    Great Song ♥

    septembre 2010
  • jacoboarenas

    Russian Circles remind me of the most blissful time in my life. [2]

    septembre 2010
  • daMukky

    Russian Circles remind me of the most blissful time in my life.

    juillet 2010
  • nielmiedo

    The second half is perfect! Fucking awesome! [2]

    juin 2010
  • 9Nails

    The second half is perfect! Fucking awesome!

    juin 2010
  • dancerchick03

    Absolutely incredible.

    mai 2010
  • claypierce

    These guys put on an incredible live show

    avril 2010
  • OLdSKuul62

    I Like it . Good Band !

    mars 2010
  • fishdicks


    mars 2010
  • Lemayencholy


    janvier 2010
  • Colton165

    god... so good

    janvier 2010
  • cheddarisbetter

    is this band ever going to write a band album? or even a bad song... i dont think so. <3

    novembre 2009
  • Aenimator

    i adore this song

    novembre 2009
  • The_Wintergoat

    Its great listening to this song then So did we from ISIS. A 'did' theme, haha.

    octobre 2009
  • Voidhead666


    octobre 2009
  • Engler

    such a good band!!!

    octobre 2009
  • AlexLJ


    septembre 2009
  • saradiana


    août 2009
  • Dreasaur

    Soo goooood : )

    juillet 2009
  • cpom

    sounds like the soundtrack to metroid

    juillet 2009
  • alfakir


    juillet 2009
  • gijssss

    yeah everytime I play them I turn my stereo up as wel! very honoured.... hehehe

    juin 2009
  • kaptaintripps

    I've done sound for this band twice! i'm honored!!!

    juin 2009
  • muraliavarma

    Beautiful ending

    mars 2009
  • OO78h

    i don't think i would mistake this song for an eits song, but i do see the similarities. regardless, this is a bad ass song and russian circles is a great band. hope i get to see them live some day

    mars 2009
  • Emilianlalev

    To me, Russian Circles stay high in alternative and post rock. No second of boredom.

    mars 2009
  • N10DMN

    Have to agree with Cosmo and Pogofied, really rather lovely. Fabulous live.

    février 2009
  • Cosmo2112

    not bad...

    février 2009
  • Pogofied

    fucking gorgeous.

    février 2009
  • gustofmutts

    i'd mistake this for explosions in the sky if it weren't for the kick ass drums

    janvier 2009
  • post-pawan

    hardout, the bit starting at 5 minutes is so similar to explosions in the sky. which is fuckin cool.

    novembre 2008
  • esmelove

    this song is so....melodic and peaceful. i love it, wow!

    novembre 2008
  • heldhelm

    Such a great song!

    octobre 2008
  • druido25

    helped me to meditate, thanks

    octobre 2008
  • anchuste

    Powerful post-rock!

    octobre 2008
  • lump_of_sugar


    octobre 2008