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  • JustAKayee

    No it fucking shouldn't. He didn't sing this song alone, 'nor is Nicole a 'feature'. This is a duet. Duets should be tagged EXACTLY like this. Jesus Christ, stop whining about tags.

    mars 2013
  • bestmusic2

    this should come under Robbie Williams

    mars 2012
  • mikeper34

    You can listen Robbie Williams Radio non stop http://www.robbiewilliamsradio.com

    septembre 2011
  • Mellanieblase

    Something Stupid ♥

    juin 2011
  • CGholy


    avril 2011
  • frytkowe_niebo


    novembre 2010
  • lemonlizz

    Such a lovely duet.

    octobre 2010
  • DaviNovaes

    Nicole is my life! btw happy birthday Nicole s2

    juin 2010
  • curdey

    <3 Nicole Kidman!!! Superb actress, and a lovely human being. It's sad that she cops so much abuse from the media...

    septembre 2009

    she is great

    août 2009
  • Tamhartma

    I love Nic and I love Robbie.. Great duet!

    mai 2009
  • MarciaSFOSantos

    Perfect duet !!! Lovely... Talented artists at their best...

    mai 2009
  • martin161

    simple son uno para el otro

    avril 2009
  • johnny008

    The original written by Parks carries the name Somethin' Stupid, so the tag is right. But it's also known as Something Stupid so I don't see a problem. Call it what you want:)

    décembre 2008
  • doctorKozi

    But due to the original CD booklet is Somethin' Stupid!

    avril 2008
  • DJ_Cody

    No no, due to musicbrainz is Something Stupid the correct tag...

    février 2008
  • Marcusml333

    I think it's tagged right. Except for the g in Something. It should be an apostrophe.

    août 2007
  • MrSpearS

    WTF??? pleaseee tagg right!!!

    juillet 2007
  • RonB

    Indeed.. it's amazing how hard it is for some people to tag right

    juin 2007
  • gc142536

    good example of bad tagged hits

    juin 2007
  • gc142536

    why didnt they do more than this one very nice

    juin 2007
  • pj_harvey

    amazing song

    avril 2007
  • Knysliux001

    Has smthing similar to Nicole Kidman & Ewan McGregor - Come What May.

    mars 2007
  • Pluto88

    I LOVE NIC! :)

    février 2007
  • petetong

    yes very nice!

    décembre 2006
  • chucky24

    Great Song!

    décembre 2006