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  • Hullabaloolaloo

    So this one time at a bluegrass festival, my friend and I were wandering aimlessly around and this lady in an RV looking thing asks us for some help. We were gentleman, so we obliged to help and got in the RV to see what we could do. She needed help getting a fancy necklace on so we helped her with that. We didn't think much of it and if anything we were confused and amused that this woman was dressing up so nicely for a bluegrass festival. We didn't hang around long because we saw no need to make small talk so my pal and I get off this bus and start walking past the rear of it and look back only to find her face plastered all over the thing and the words 'Rhonda Vincent' surrounding it. I had no clue. I blew it big-time.

    août 2014
  • ammo_box

    Good god yes :D

    juin 2012
  • Sandronic


    juin 2011
  • vaughnvhalen

    <><><><><><><><><><> Girl got voice !!!!! }{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{

    mars 2011
  • silverlage

    Doing sound for her and Gene Watson right now...October 30, 2010

    octobre 2010
  • silversurfer250

    So...which hair color is best?

    mai 2010
  • TylerSchwend

    Does this profile also encompass tracks by "Rhonda Vincent & The Rage", or do those still belong in a seperate profile/artist?

    octobre 2009
  • SebbeZw

    Bought 3 of her albums yesterday. Especially "Good Thing Going" is just wonderful! Great voice.

    août 2009
  • wwuster

    she's great.

    mai 2009

    i lived in Tennessee, homeboy!

    avril 2009

    Rocky Top Mountain Music..................

    avril 2009

    accident, but..........friggin..WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...nice; Amen..!

    avril 2009
  • CU2005

    Pretty Good!

    mars 2009
  • Masakist

    My Favorite bluegrass jammer

    mars 2009
  • yusukexyz2425

    very good!

    janvier 2009
  • CountryGal1

    can't wait for her new album =]

    janvier 2009
  • CountryGal1

    LOVE this lady!!! = ]

    décembre 2008
  • Brickmachine

    Rhonda is the best........for sure! She has an honest sound that is good to listen to without the mixing is awesome.

    décembre 2008
  • theronb309

    Puts on a great live show with lots of energy and is very approachable to fans - she was very gracious to a young girl mandolin picker I know at intermission.

    novembre 2008
  • dren_t

    She is pretty amazing. :)

    août 2008
  • RigsGirl3

    shes amazing! met her 2 years ago at a bluegrass festival in michigan :) i got her autograph for my mom!!

    juin 2008
  • ostrichcized

    More people should be listening to this talented artist.

    janvier 2007