• My musical history. (Part 1 - The Hip Hop years)

    25 sept. 2007, 9h57m par jaume08

    All began the summer holidays of 2000, when I was 12 years old. I was in Germany and my family and I were leading to Sweden with our car, starting from Spain and sleeping during the way in cheap hotels (…Formula 1 hotels). It was in one of that hotel in Germany when I saw a stupid kid on TV not even singing, he was talking, and talking bullshit, but I was too young to understand what he was saying. Probably, if I were able to understand what he was saying I would probably ignore that stupid kid, just talking about drugs and how much he hate his mother because they were poor.
    This asshole was Eminem and the song was The Real Slim Shady, and he was my first step in my Hip Hop phase (notice that now I hate Hip Hop, probably because I consider that I have been wasting 4 years of my life listening to the same crap talking about niggaz and drugs and 9mm and about O.G’s, MC’s and all that stuff). So I bought the The Marshall Mathers LP (have you notice how selfish he is? Oh Yeah! Let’s make and album with our name, and other with our A. …
  • 29-30 septiembre fieston !!! help india !!! 10 MILLONES de DESPLAZADOS !!!

    18 sept. 2007, 13h02m par ninobenas

    esta muu feo ke todavia no haya salido nada en la television ni en los periodicos,importantes.

    yo me entere hace 5 dias,asi ke ya no va a decir nada nadie,por el veinte minutos.ponia:dato,2.8 millones de desplazados en delhi,india.

    a la ke busco en internet,leo:noticia publicada hace 1minuto,aumenta a 10 MILLONES la cifra de desplazados por las lluvias del monzon en delhi !!!

    eso kiere decir ke toda la gente ke vive en la calle y en los bajos de los edificios ya se han kedado sin kasa.

    me parece muy feo, en general, ke en todos los medios se haya pasado por encima esta noticia, porke? ke les jodan a todos. voy a montar la mejor fiesta ke pueda hacer pa ayudar a esa gente, y lo voy a organizar y repartir los beneficios como yo quiera,ni asociaciones,ni ong's ni su puta madre....

    va a haber una o mas fiestas,hasta ke me quede agusto con la movida.... ya os ireis enterando

    be happpy and fuck the system !!!
    reclaim the streets !!!
    29_30 - 09 - 2007
    help india!!!