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  • DexterMorganYum

    one band—so many sounds

    octobre 2013
  • ravenclaw94

    sex for ears

    septembre 2013
  • bassnvdr

    I missed this song for the longest.

    novembre 2012
  • lastfmkvndnbrnd


    juillet 2012
  • h3lovenote

    soooooooo goood...........can't get enough!!

    juillet 2012
  • Josh_Sense


    juin 2012
  • mupet0000

    Is there another version of this song, it sounds familiar but something isn't how I remember it.

    mai 2012
  • bkelleher

    This song randomly pops into my head and refuses to leave.

    mai 2012
  • JakWakefield

    Sit down dancing right now, this is a crazy good song.

    avril 2012
  • norforester

    this version is just a hair slow for me. I can hear the vox more clearly though, which is nice. Still one of my favorite RRR songs

    février 2012
  • qanitahasinah

    have stolen me

    janvier 2012
  • hargo77

    saw them live with DCFC..they stole the show!!

    janvier 2012
  • coriturchetti94

    so so so good. i saw ra ra riot in concert last summer, they kill me. <3

    novembre 2011
  • Red1Fx

    I Love the mood that those violins create.

    novembre 2011
  • marytheruth


    octobre 2011
  • warst_

    that violinnnnn is certainly hooking this track up!

    octobre 2011
  • BPokorny

    Favorite Ra Ra Riot song

    octobre 2011
  • LoriO1


    octobre 2011
  • djlennoxdotcom

    Great track

    septembre 2011
  • erikal7363

    Love his voice

    août 2011
  • MrMcgrg

    @d1esel6 seriously??? well, it's the newest Ra Ra Riot Album, and it wasn't as good as this album (Ra Ra Riot), or their other album (The Rhumb Line) despite that The Orchard (in my honest opinion) was pretty good

    août 2011
  • pasteluniverse1


    juillet 2011
  • sageyprincess

    rarararararararararararararararararaaa rawwrrr!

    juillet 2011
  • Lovely-Lucy

    Ra Ra Riot is so amazing:D

    juillet 2011
  • d1esel6

    what is "the orchard"? and why should it have sounded like this?

    juillet 2011
  • ChristinaStelly

    Love this song!

    juin 2011
  • Aerboi98

    this is what the orchard should've sounded like [2]

    juin 2011
  • BreatheOutArt

    Eyes as Candles is my favorite from Passion Pit. :)

    juin 2011
  • JoelTheCat

    Sounds like Sting's younger, hipster brother.

    mai 2011
  • justfetus

    this is what the orchard should've sounded like

    mai 2011
  • ntreadway

    I love this track!

    mai 2011
  • JaimeLallalala

    so...so epic.

    avril 2011
  • BMX_Bengi

    love it

    avril 2011
  • addamn90

    The strings on this song are just... damn

    avril 2011
  • JerryJaramillo

    This song is so perfect, structured like a masterpiece! The Bass keeps it together.

    avril 2011
  • ConeyAllen

    that hook! oh man, what a hook. I am impressed

    mars 2011
  • Jacqueline789

    mars 2011
  • Digitalfuture1

    @Ruthdee RaRa Riot+Coldplay+U2 =RaracoldplayU2

    février 2011
  • killerspiller

    Freaking awesome song.

    février 2011
  • rusuatras


    février 2011
  • shambonobo

    love this song!

    février 2011
  • omniaamor

    la la la love

    février 2011
  • greatnecker

    I never seem to realize how much I like these guys...

    février 2011

    so tragic

    janvier 2011
  • Angelight2012

    Nice song

    janvier 2011
  • xenogamer

    Ra Ra Riot? More like Ra Ra RAWESOME!! Amirite?

    janvier 2011
  • KeithKokain

    I always thought this song was about John Pike's death (The drummer) but it's on the EP and he apparently plays the drums on the EP for the song. Eerie.

    janvier 2011
  • Ruthdee

    @Raracoldplayu2 :please elaborate

    janvier 2011
  • Digitalfuture1

    Great song, but they should of called themselves Raracoldplayu2

    janvier 2011
  • mottly

    Ra Ra Awesome!!!

    janvier 2011