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  • Simo_Pamyu

    Part of Your World ♥ [2]

    novembre 2014
  • shonan_aoneko


    mai 2013
  • Dereshi

    I can't scrobble them either. It's because of Win 7 that separates artist with ; =(

    octobre 2012
  • MatsuSkyline

    I can't scrobble their songs :( I don't know why, but the software scrobble them like "Q" :|

    juillet 2012
  • eternaleternity


    février 2012
  • mjfm

    can someone told me what she says in "forget me now" ? My englsih is not good enough to understand what she sings, and i loooooOOOOOOoooove this song <3 best

    novembre 2011
  • xxheartstation

    this shit gets me dancing like a girl. [2]

    juin 2011
  • chsf

    Rin Fartingkawa must fart! Q;indivi+ farts on her fanny!

    juillet 2010
  • reimusho

    sound funky :)

    juin 2010
  • chsf

    My prayers have been answered! Acacia; is better than anything that old fart Rin Okawa has managed to gasp herself through

    mai 2010
  • Hideaki_Kiyoshi

    I LOVE the new song Q;indivi has done with blanc. (member of MONKEY MAJIK)!

    mai 2010
  • chsf

    they need to use more singers than just Rin Okawa, she's OK enough, but 1. her voice is very voice actress like 2. she breathes too much while singing 3. she uses a limited range

    avril 2010
  • vale_le

    this is my fav song!

    avril 2010
  • ceramicrobot

    I've only listened to their House☆Disney songs, and I like what I hear so far. 'Specially Part of Your World.~

    avril 2010
  • MatsuSkyline

    new album prz

    mars 2010
  • MoonAya

    it should be "Q;indivi", not "Q;Indivi"..

    novembre 2009
  • RafaelRfm


    août 2009
  • Atavism-


    mai 2009
  • UntoAshes

    This pretty much is genki rockets sans the synthesized voice of the 'singer' lumi. Or I should say that Genki Rockets is this, with a fake singer. Instrumentally and song similar. They do not hide this fact though it seems. Sounds the same, but this is a good thing! I fucking love Genki Rockets, just happy to know there's more out there.

    avril 2009
  • dyesan


    mars 2009
  • LavenderYuki

    Part of Your World<3

    octobre 2008
  • csmeatwad

    this shit gets me dancing like a girl.

    octobre 2008
  • friesfm

    Starting Over ~~~~so good~

    octobre 2008
  • jupiter_69

    Storia Love You Cascade

    septembre 2008
  • ChoCoLess


    août 2008
  • ren-chan


    janvier 2008