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  • bossmark1

    This is Groovy

    mai 2014
  • BlackMana

    The classiest song ever written.

    août 2013
  • nicorebel


    mai 2013
  • Distron

    Grand Hotel doesn't come around often enough ;( 8 times in 4 years out of 388 PH listens

    décembre 2012
  • toffea

    When I think that almost everyone only know Procol Harum with "Whiter shade of pale" ....GRAND HOTEL : one of the 70 's pinnacles

    septembre 2012
  • Seederman

    If ever yer reading a book about punk rock or 70's rock, and ye come across the word "bombastic"...and ye scratched yer head and weren't sure what it meant... Just refer back to this song; they meant like this...

    février 2012
  • jatkinson

    Nice, after nearly 11 months I finally get another Procol Harum track!

    novembre 2011
  • plaidsheep

    A most excellent story about this track and Douglas Adams. Makes me love this tune all that much more. Makes me want to dance around a great ballroom with Gary Brooker :)

    septembre 2011
  • Sciencejeff


    avril 2011
  • LumpJumper

    Absolutely perfect. Great album too

    décembre 2010
  • Jayryn


    août 2010
  • ygrer

    "Now they had one very very particular effect on my life. It was a song they did, which I expect some of you here will know, called Grand Hotel. Whenever I'm writing I tend to have music on in the background, and on this particular occasion I had Grand Hotel on the record player. This song always used to interest me because while Keith Reid's lyrics were all about this sort of beautiful hotel - the silver, the chandeliers, all those kind of things, but then suddenly in the middle of the song there was this huge orchestral climax that came out of nowhere and didn't seem to be about anything. I kept wondering what was this huge thing happening in the background? And I eventually thought ... it sounds as if there ought to be some sort of floorshow going on. Something huge and extraordinary, like, well, like the end of the universe. And so that was where the idea for The Restaurant at the End of the Universe came from - from Grand Hotel." ~ Douglas Adams

    février 2010
  • Deogracias

    A masterpiece.

    août 2009
  • jazztrip

    i just love them...

    janvier 2009
  • Big_Dip

    I can't believe it! No shouts for this little piece of art? Douglas Adams came up with the idea for "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe" while listening to this.

    octobre 2008