• The Daily Song

    19 nov. 2007, 15h45m par youngsoulrebel

    Hey! I’m tired and nostalgic so bear with me.
    In the 90’s there was an explosion of indie-band in Sweden and as a young pop-geek I loved many of them. Now when I look back many of them weren’t that great and today I wouldn’t even be poked with a 10 feet pole. But some of them were great and even when I listen to them today, I honestly can say that I still like them, and not for nostalgic reason. Today I will just name the brightest shining light, the cream of the crop, best in breed ….and so forth, Popsicle! They totally changed my view on music with their American guitar sound, layer after layer of distorted guitars and on top of that a weak and vulnerable voice. They had two singer’s Fredrik and Mattias and I often sat and listen to the song and tried to guess, who wrote which. They wrote catchy pop-songs but hid it behind their Fenders and stonefaced-shoegazed-attitude. The first song is from their first full length album called Laquer and is without any question one of top 10 Swedish…