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  • wiseblood-

    Nothing like listening to this during an evening hike through the wilderness. Sublime.

    avril 2014
  • l3Ll2


    novembre 2013
  • BadButNotSad

    THE Ambient Organ Drone track !

    mai 2013
  • depechedream


    décembre 2012
  • speedking1956

    auch ein wenig Pink Floyd Einfluß?

    septembre 2012
  • speedking1956

    Doc. Faust in allen Ehren

    septembre 2012
  • speedking1956

    jawohl- bombast rock läßt grüßen

    septembre 2012
  • FORD92

    Beauty. I wonder if they recorded this in the church.

    août 2012
  • pteronophobic

    Incredibly powerful.

    février 2012

    I just don't get it......and I feel I should. I struggle with Popol and Magma but adore most Krautrock. I find it a bit too meandering and looooooose. I also love free jazz and avant-garde classical so I'm not necessarily looking for a tune or some rhythm but there's something about it that just ain't clicking. Infuriating !!

    février 2012


    janvier 2012
  • endofspace


    décembre 2011
  • y2penni

    Very rewarding listen. Difficult to choose a favourite Popol V record, but this might be the one.

    octobre 2011
  • Virtualizer

    Einfach nur himmlisch, göttlich, geil!!

    octobre 2011
  • SipBongTea

    Wow this is

    juillet 2011
  • karlkandinsky


    juin 2011
  • Roncsipar


    juin 2011
  • Robert161989


    mars 2011
  • uwehalle

    bizar und überwältigend nachhallend

    mars 2011
  • bobgreen623


    février 2011
  • flumble2

    how is this real. fuck

    février 2011
  • rudigerkurt

    very,very good,thank you

    janvier 2011
  • TullDerGraff

    This song is just... this song. So much everything

    janvier 2011
  • ivanmon

    sehr schon

    décembre 2010
  • ElmGrey


    décembre 2010
  • greg_valou

    A total blowout. I love everything about it.

    novembre 2010
  • Derryisheen

    Lifelong companions through travel..always apt..always relevant..always beautiful.

    août 2010
  • Luftkutscher


    juin 2010
  • 190_1


    juin 2010
  • _Snowden


    avril 2010
  • speedking1956

    frühen pink floyd lassen grüßen

    avril 2010
  • pauldavidson321

    I just never knew!

    mars 2010
  • mightygnome

    definitely "heart of the sun" type stuff, but with bits of Duul in there as well, thoroughly satisfying

    janvier 2010
  • eymensg

    good way to use a church !!

    janvier 2010
  • umberto71

    Extremely Holy! right!

    janvier 2010
  • Pajser


    décembre 2009
  • brazen_guff

    Truly magnificent

    novembre 2009
  • Myrna4Loy

    like on the other popol vuh lps, there is not much happening here. sure it is not as boring as tangerine dream or pink floyd, but the religious simplicity, which kills later albums, looks through beginning with this one. affenstunde had its very special moments, but this one is only one moment for itself. if you are in funeralmusic, enjoy, others beware.

    octobre 2009
  • IAJP

    this shit is EXTREMELY of the best tracks i have ever heard...

    août 2009
  • arturomeade


    août 2009
  • psychedali

    another great song which guides you to "break on through to the other side" ... mind-blowing 19 minutes of psychedelia

    août 2009
  • ihavesoldout

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :_____D Holy shit :D

    juillet 2009
  • progmetalfreak


    juillet 2009
  • Phyllobius

    One of the greatest pieces of music.

    juin 2009
  • hinehead

    Ah, the depth and weight of that cathedral organ with the the chiming percussion and the quivering synth. It's a black hole sucking everything in.

    juin 2009
  • Amondroid

    Oh yes! Shivers down my spine, great atmospherics.

    mai 2009
  • ZSRR

    I just realized. This is exactly what Sunn O)))'s "Dømkirke" would sound like if it was released in 1971.

    mai 2009
  • Pajser

    it makes me disappear

    avril 2009
  • the_2834

    very they

    avril 2009
  • laudymaudy

    mmmm...organ and cymbals. a marriage made in trance heaven

    février 2009