• Mixtape Vol. VI Convoluted

    17 mars 2010, 17h08m par SI_Failed

    Art is always convoluted, and if its personal stuff, which it almost always is, (let’s just say that it is) – then it’s really convoluted. It’s not like watching the entire season of a dodgy soap opera, because that stuff is really black & white and not particularly subjective, it’s fairly predictable – it is what it is.
    With “art” it’s a snippet of a much larger narrative. It becomes vague and interpretive to the audience. For its creators it’s a masterbatory and self serving exercise.
    But I’d prefer for an artist or band to write/make/create/draw/design things that are personal and find an audience by its own merits, rather than shitty formulatestuff that become just that – stuff; disposable stuff.
    Anyway, this comp is kinda of about that, but more so emo/post-hardcore bands that do write long winded convoluted songs, some are pretty easy to understand; others are like that snippet thing.

    A Side
    01 Knapsack – Balancing Act
    02 Cap'n Jazz – Little League
    03 Cursive – Dispenser
  • Mix #1

    13 fév. 2006, 4h50m par sean7711

    1. Pop Unknown - Writing It Down For You (4:28)
    2. Brand New - Am I Wrong? (3:40)
    3. American Football - Five Silent Miles (4:11)
    4. The Weakerthans - Sounds Familiar (2:34)
    5. Saves The Day - Hold (2:22)
    6. Braid - Katykat (3:26)
    7. Armor For Sleep - All Warm (2:50)
    8. Benton Falls - Swimming With You (5:34)
    9. Cross My Heart- Hearing Things (3:19)
    10. Texas Is The Reason - Do You Know Who You Are? (2:43)
    11. Mineral - Lovelettertypewriter (3:45)
    12. The Promise Ring - E. Texas Ave. (2:32)
    13. Sunny Day Real Estate - Seven (4:48)
    14. Thursday - This Side of Brightness (3:34)
    15. Penfold - Microchip (4:57)
    16. The Appleseed Cast - Forever Longing The Golden Sunsets (4:42)
    17. The Miracle of 86 - I Hope That I'm Wrong (5:20)
    18. Fairweather - The Culling Song (10:14)

    18 songs, 74:47 minutes

    Pop Unknown
    American Football
    Brand New
    The Weakerthans
    Saves the Day
    Armor for Sleep
    Benton Falls
    Cross My Heart
    Texas Is the Reason