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  • EdwardVedder

    everyone should listen to this before starting a rock band

    avril 2014
  • themartialarts

    The first time I ever heard of the Pixies was Danni Minogue calling it a "crock of shit", while reviewing the singles in Number One magazine

    septembre 2013
  • Beat_C

    most aptly named song ever.

    octobre 2012
  • CreativeManiac

    My my, I fucking love this song.

    mars 2012
  • Taki90

    Husker Du

    octobre 2011
  • carlos41186

    the person below me is a dunce. X2 (not for you Norulz)

    juillet 2011
  • Echoes917

    SuperMaXxive is cleary a dumb dumb dumb person.

    février 2011
  • annex-a


    février 2011
  • PartySanCTG

    THIS AIN'T NO FUCKING MOTOWN. (yeah, I know the actual lyric is "rock and roll town", but I'm just used to the mondegreen)

    décembre 2010
  • AntyM92


    décembre 2010
  • jakobdorof

    the person below me is a dunce.

    octobre 2010
  • SuperMaXxive

    This sounds so much like Velvet Revolver!

    octobre 2010
  • blacknail


    avril 2010
  • nocturana


    mars 2010
  • cnlfailure

    Simply the best song ever written by any artist ever.

    mars 2010
  • DookieMestrebug


    février 2010
  • Trillianforty2

    Aural incense.

    novembre 2009
  • Ackibear


    novembre 2009
  • Echoes917

    Possibly my favorite PIxies song.

    novembre 2009
  • Dandy-Jon

    This one is fukcing badass, Pixies rock!!!!

    octobre 2008
  • GucciPiggy90

    I had only heard songs like "Here Comes Your Man" before I heard this one, so it really caught me by surprise.

    juin 2008
  • hilke

    little eiffel stands in the archway...

    novembre 2007
  • Jondood

    this aint no fuckin around

    octobre 2007
  • m_o_o

    Because this ain't the planet of sound!

    juillet 2007