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    Set your radios to Live at the Knitting Factory on XMU (XM Channel 43) Radio. We will feature performances from your faves such as Art Brut, Mazarin, and more all of this month Fridays at 10 PM, Click here for the full schedule .

    Hey there, superstars!

    So while most of us cant be in Austin ODing in music and Shiner Bock during next weeks SXSW, you can still get your music fill at the Knit. Sure Austin gets to shine and put on A LOT of shows for a brief period, but we put on 4300+ bands a year in NYC alone. Thats about 86,000 bands in our 20 year history. Wow!


    Just Added!

    Saturday, April 7th

    Steel Train

    Main Space 6:30 PM

    Monday, April 16th

    Smoosh, Postmarks

    Main Space 8:00 PM

    Saturday, May 5th and Sunday, May 6th

    3 Floors of Ska with the TOASTERSand the Pilfers

    All club event 7:00 PM

    This week at the Knitting Factory:

    22 oct. 2006, 23h40m par sp0rkinatcha

    NOTHING BUT weeks are a new and innovative way to listen to music. I was becoming bored with listening to the same artists over and over, the same ones always just switching places in my top 10. While listening to a ska mix I made for a friend's birthday, I decided that from that point I would listen to NOTHING BUT SKA for the week. This later developed into the idea of NOTHING BUT weeks, in which I assign a theme or idea or rule to the week and listen to NOTHING BUT bands that fall within that category. It gives my listening more variety, giving some underexposed bands that I'd forgotten I even had/liked more plays and mixing up my overall chart.

    Note: NOTHING BUT weeks must always be shouted in caps.

    Also note that I intend for NOTHING BUT weeks to apply only to the top ten of the week, since that's what I fill out the weekly survey about.

    Included: Catch 22, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Mad Caddies, Pilfers, Reel Big Fish, Streetlight Manifesto, The Hippos
  • Fizzy and sour! A flava EXPLOSION for all your senses!

    20 août 2006, 13h34m par sp0rkinatcha

    NOTHING BUT SKA week didn't work very well. =\

    1 Cute Is What We Aim For
    2 Pilfers
    3 Reel Big Fish
    4 Mad Caddies
    5 The Suicide Machines
    6 The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    7 The Hippos
    8 Gym Class Heroes
    9 Catch 22
    10 Streetlight Manifesto

    1. What was the first song you ever heard by #2?

    The weird thing about this band is that I don't remember hearing them when I was little, but I must have, because when I found their CDs in my brother's stuff , I recognized some of the songs. In fact, I'm pretty sure my brother's band covered at least one of them, it was that familliar and associated with a very specific memory I have of a show they played when I was like 8 or 9. Anyway, enough question aversion. The songs that I rememer the mostest and therefore think might be the first ones I ever heard are "Yakuza" and "Generation".

    2. What is your favorite album of #6?

    "Let's Face It' is the one I've listened to the's the only one I have on CD besides a live one that kind of annoyed me .