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  • karnickel

    juin 2014


    février 2014
  • discmann

    Thanks Jette :-)

    décembre 2013
  • prdrums77

    Listening To Otis Redding At Home During Christmas.

    décembre 2013
  • TantoTempo

    Truth exists.

    juillet 2012
  • WH1T3Samurai

    wow just wow

    juillet 2012
  • Zottekloot

    Just phenomenal :-)

    mai 2012
  • oldiesfanjohn

    another song issued after Otis died on 12/10/1967...He was more than just a one trick pony...made some sweet music!

    avril 2012
  • jetgar


    mars 2012
  • zlyadres

    it was a perfect background for a perfect evening <3

    février 2012
  • fanaticbychoice

    Many A Dream Hard Not To Rmbr

    février 2012
  • Cazweigun


    novembre 2011
  • lucy304

    Your music remains with us always,.........I've got dreams...........<3

    juillet 2011
  • cinnamondearie


    avril 2011
  • transient9

    Wow.Truly awesome song

    janvier 2011
  • nils1964

    good dreams, bad dreams, sweet dreams.... ....to remember.....

    octobre 2010
  • Jayryn

    wonderful song

    août 2010
  • rayneonme

    Oh Otis how you move my soul....<3333

    juin 2010
  • robertvet

    oh i feel you otis your a man i would have love to share a good dream with you,so now i am dreaming of you now.i love you always.

    juin 2010
  • any-name


    mai 2010
  • robertvet

    My man and my song,oh i love otis so much.

    mai 2010
  • rayehelmsjr

    Great oldie!

    avril 2010
  • any-name

    when this song plays, the earth stops because it doesn't want to miss a word.

    avril 2010
  • OskiRocks

    Slow and Simple. Simply beautiful.....

    mars 2010
  • Tom_Pullings

    There's a reason why this music is called soul... (2)

    mars 2010
  • twistedpair22


    octobre 2009
  • prettygirl7880

    Always has, always will, be the ultimate song, loved not just by it's generation, but by all that follow

    octobre 2009
  • jmd420


    août 2009
  • surfinggal

    got my dreams to remember.....

    juillet 2009
  • oseland

    this is an alternate take, and an awesome one at that. always thought this is one of otis' strongest tracks, vocally. wish he would have pushed his range here as much as he did in the more common version, but the interaction at the beginning is cool to hear.

    juin 2009
  • zebub66

    Love It.

    mai 2009
  • luckylollyme

    great song...

    avril 2009
  • ggallin4

    kick ass

    avril 2009
  • khieno

    I can't find the version of this song with the lyrics on this website cd. Which version is this song?

    avril 2009
  • zaghouan

    otis god bless you for you music

    avril 2009
  • Marmot14

    If a mug of thick, rich hot cocco with a little whiskey and whipped cream in it could sing... this is what it would sound like.

    avril 2009
  • dondady


    avril 2009
  • artsdeville

    much better than the version it scrobbled from me!

    mars 2009
  • tegoyo

    aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh................................. me quedo muerto

    mars 2009
  • fonty1978

    the man!!

    mars 2009
  • listekk

    ta muzyka to dusza :)

    mars 2009
  • inphanta

    There's a reason why this music is called soul...

    février 2009
  • ironmaus

    I prefer the version with more instrumentation and the back-up singers. While Otis has a killer voice, the horns really make this song work.

    février 2009
  • andre2600

    Is this a live version or an alternate take?

    février 2009
  • AngieTaylor

    ...tears from germany

    janvier 2009
  • susebb

    You can't beat Otis - beautiful tune!

    janvier 2009


    décembre 2008
  • Fipaj

    Buddy Guy's version is nice as well, but original just knocks ya down.

    décembre 2008
  • Flotser

    Check out Toots & The Maytals version for this song!

    décembre 2008
  • CarolineBelfast

    bad dreams..sweet dreams.. hard dreams..lovely dreams..! aww bless

    novembre 2008