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  • Shadowlord39

    The Mechanical Oliver is now artist #2 in the English bio.

    janvier 2014
  • Darioq

    Bro, do you even MYB?

    janvier 2014
  • Mavilu

    There are too many Olivers mixed up here, trying to find out more about the ones that released Mechanical is proving to be a bit of a challenge.

    décembre 2013
  • pablodius

    I like the one who does the Mechanical song...

    octobre 2013
  • kutox1

    'Mechanical' EP, so good

    août 2013
  • pablodius

    i like the oliver with the top album on this page... modern disco is what's up.

    avril 2013
  • alexmerenkov

    Explain to me why we have one page for 10 DIFFERENT ARTISTS?! is so stupid. no wonder why this site is dead.

    avril 2013
  • Somoff

    I move my body. Do you?

    mars 2013
  • tubuhubu

    Someone should update that BIO.

    février 2013
  • MarcusRimondini

    Track review of "Mechanical" by Oliver.

    janvier 2013
  • Mixch

    Amazing EP

    janvier 2013
  • acclamationsun

    good morning starshine is a Pagan classic

    juillet 2012
  • pyjamademon

    The Welsh acid-folk/blues guy was so good.

    mars 2011
  • m-saIami

    I love the oliver, the guy who make remixes...

    février 2011
  • davidgeorgea

    A nice one this . It was a pleasure to here it

    octobre 2010
  • inter1oper

    I like Oliver from deep.elm

    septembre 2010
  • top20fanatico

    Oliver - Flamenco - I Got this page ;S Mistagged artist?O__o I was looking for the Korean Singer Oliver,someone knows hows writes her name in Korean?It's available here?Thanks!^^

    juillet 2010
  • you_did_this

    el de la fotito tiene pinta de que se la come.

    mai 2009
  • Valavale

    mmm there are too many bands named "Oliver", but any of them is that I listen to... and honestly, it's the only one who deserves a listen.. :P it has something to do with "quiet zone" group, anyway...

    février 2009
  • volumeOut

    what about, you shut up.

    novembre 2008
  • Melpinoctem

    you shut up.

    octobre 2008
  • volumeOut

    shut up.

    octobre 2008