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  • sraahjean

    mars 2015
  • ChrisLloyd1

    Full album stream here (although keep in mind 'Beaches 1' is an error on the track list, 'Beaches' is supposed to be the final track):

    août 2013
  • ChrisLloyd1

    New album:

    juin 2013
  • iPowder

    The Reflection EP: Hot damn! Very niicely done \m/

    novembre 2012
  • liamliam0

    août 2012
  • OneDrunkWalking

    Finally we have a perfect artist

    février 2012
  • FlibbleT

    Yeah nice, digging 'and everything else'.

    octobre 2011
  • Quarantehuit

    something special

    juillet 2011
  • Drew8808

    interesting stuff, i like it a lot

    avril 2011
  • bbiwyou

    High quality work. Me just ashamed to discover this guy so lately

    février 2011
  • Baster_Jazzster

    Official podcasts of beatmakers and musicians from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia and other countries of the post-Soviet space

    janvier 2011
  • ChrisLloyd1

    Am actually liking this new direction of the auto-tune, for a bit of a mix-up. It's not a patch on Blank Blue, or Soul Mates, but good nonetheless.

    août 2010
  • Heizdeckchen

    What's with all of this autotune nonsense? Super disappointing...

    août 2010
  • socialPsyence

    First Metaform and now Nobody? What's with all of this autotune nonsense? Super disappointing...

    juillet 2010
  • warrensid

    If anyone has "Astro Lab presents Cookie & Brownie" shoot me a message, thanks!

    mai 2010
  • micro_nics

    "ONE FOR ALL WITHOUT HESITATION" - JUNE 22 new album is coming yesss

    mai 2010
  • tzorhp

    You're innoceeeeentt, yeaaah in a senseeee, ahhh hhhhhhaaaaaaa~~aaa~~

    mars 2010
  • theKlanwaslame

    Elvin, you gotta drop that autotune shit. I've been a long time fan. Western Water honestly changed my life. You've got this underground cult following that you gotta focus on!! God damn . Do whatever you want to.

    mars 2010
  • DunkelAesthet

    need photo for right Nobody - italian dark folker Stefano Di Felice.

    mars 2010
  • tzorhp

    février 2010
  • tzorhp

    février 2010
  • Darwin1969

    Saw nobody with the volta in sept...shit was banging

    janvier 2010
  • jonnyarneriise

    von pea..!

    juin 2009
  • optimistic_tour


    juin 2009
  • driesvl

    come to belgium!

    mai 2009
  • flyawayamanda

    Hmm it doesn't show on that he's playing tonight at the Silverlake Lounge. I hope i'm not the only one there, haha.

    février 2009
  • callmekade

    agreed. definitely under-rated and DEFINITELY needs more listeners. I love nobody :)

    février 2009
  • Penfish

    digging the tunes, recommended it to my friends.

    novembre 2008
  • armoniacido


    octobre 2008
  • afu-sake

    again here? well, Nobody is sickly good, his music heal my everygrayday wounds

    octobre 2008
  • afu-sake

    nobody!! damn, ilikeee

    octobre 2008
  • mana80822

    you are the illest

    septembre 2008
  • whatisthelight

    It's time to vote for a newer pic here! Come on!

    août 2008
  • classicSs

    heard blank blue,awsome work,respect....

    août 2008
  • kezek

    seems I found a new buddy to play with . nice music

    août 2008
  • tzorhp new Mars Volta remix by Nobody

    juillet 2008
  • bombtrack

    i love wake up and smell the millennium. heard it on the movie super high me.

    mai 2008
  • 3kilos

    Одна из самых позитивных песен для меня за последние месяцы : Wake Up and Smell The Millennium ващеее ))))

    avril 2008
  • zouyike

    i love you !!!

    mars 2008
  • tzorhp

    Y'all gotta listen to Fennegan's Forest (Porpoise Song EP). Good shit.

    mars 2008
  • Grynd

    уйди прочь, глупый америкос - Ноубади только для избранных ^_^

    janvier 2008
  • elnico

    he need more listeners!!

    novembre 2007
  • Qwertus

    Точно ;)

    septembre 2007
  • Grynd

    Абсолютно поддерживаю настоящего Ноубади - этот Ноубади ненастоящий, настоящий Ноубади жжот, а этот так...подделка! :-!

    juin 2007
  • toastbread

    Yeah he still does shows! He's Prefuses right hand man at times also, when mr 73 is playing live. Also Nobody produced most of the tracks for Busdrivers new album 'Roadkillovercoat' which I Highly recommend. & he's started a new project with a female vocalist entitled 'blank blue' its the kind of stuff we can expect from Elvin - Psychedelic infused post hip hop bliss :D

    mai 2007
  • UncreativeName2

    Does this guy still do shows? He is incredible

    mai 2007
  • Qwertus

    Я во чё думаю... Идите к чёрту, я настоящий Nobody.

    mai 2007
  • Circustent

    That first song preview is from another kind or rock-band called Nobody ( who don't really belong here at this place where the real Nobody is being worshipped. Try to listen to Wake Up and Smell The Millennium.

    décembre 2006
  • -blubb-

    O.ô ^^

    octobre 2006
  • Fr4n

    lol, is that actually one of his songs ? O MY GAWD.

    juin 2006