• All 116 Nine Inch Nails songs ranked

    23 oct. 2010, 19h36m par Trentskers

  • Better Late Than Never: A Few Words 'Bout My NIN Gig

    5 nov. 2009, 18h14m par AnnaDraconida

    Granted, this is ancient history, but I'd still like to write a few words about the Nine Inch Nails live experience I had on the 25th of July before the year's over 'cause then it'd be definitely too late.

    As all fans know, before the final world tour Trent Reznor has announced the end of NIN as we know it 'cause he's really happy and sober and has decided that vagina >>>>>>>>> fistfuck after all. He also stopped performing Closer at every single show 'cause he doesn't want to fuck everyone in the world like an animal anymore. Bummer.

    Knowing that this is last chance to see Mr.T live (unless the future deflation of his fuckpuppet will leave him pissed enough to go screaming around the world once more), and I love his work a lot, I originally wanted to see 2 shows, but it's been a terribly long, exhausting summer, with lots of traveling, heat, shitty accomodations & shitty people surrounding me. That comes from me being a part of the Romanian national cycling team, but let's not go off topic here. …
  • júli 24. nine inch nails

    28 jui. 2009, 22h18m par YippiCola

    nakérem éppen lakásfelújítás folyik és ki van húzva a net, szoval most nagy unalmamban úgydöntöttem írok valami szösszenetet a péntek estéről, aztán majd este föltöltöm. bár már most érzem hogy megint bele fognak kötni a helyesírásomba, de kit érdekel. tehát:

    Nine Inch Nails @ Syma csarnok, 2009.07.24

    kezdjük mondjuk azzal hogy néztem itt lastfmen meg jutubon Alec Empire videókat, konkrétan nem nagyon fogott meg, szoval gondoltam nyugodtan ráérősre vehetem a figurát, semmi jelentősről nem fogok lemaradni. ennek megfelelően kb fél 9-re értem symához, gyorsan összehaveroztam egy párocskával (vagyis ők jöttek oda megkérdezni hogy hol kell bemenni, mondtam hogy ifjúság útja felől, de akkor már menjünk együtt, ne egyedül nézzenek hülyének ha esetleg mégse :D) aztán bementünk, én meg gyorsan elmentem körülnézni körülnézni hátha találok valami ismerőst. hát senki. oké, vissza újdonsült társaságomhoz, aztán előrementünk a tömegbe, és bal oldalon kb a hangfalaktól 15 méterre álltunk meg. …
  • NINJA + Mew review

    21 jui. 2009, 15h51m par scorpiusdiamond

    Tue 14 Jul – Nine Inch Nails, Jane's Addiction, Mew

    Nine Inch Nails have had a very long two years. Since April 2007, when Year Zero was released, they (or rather he, as there is no need to be reminded that NIN is essentially Trent Reznor) have been working non-stop either touring or reshaping the music industry after the split between Interscope and the band. Since then they’ve toured relentlessly throughout North and South America, Australia and finally Europe. This, according to Reznor, is the last time they’ll tour. Fortunately it’s not the end of Nine Inch Nails, but it’s still a harsh blow to lose such a band from the live scene.

    Reznor’s first guest is Denmark’s Mew. Hailing from Copenhagen, their music varies from sharp indie-rock to full blown progressive. With a short 7 song set and an unengaged crowd, they made a good impression nonetheless. Lead singer Jonas Bjerre’s distinctive Scandinavian voice rose high among the arena’s very high rafters. …
  • Nine Inch Nails @ the O2 Arena - 15th July 2009

    21 jui. 2009, 0h30m par Al_73

    This tour has been billed as their last ever tour, so there really was no excuse for me to miss these godfathers of industrial music, particularly as I'd never actually seen them live before. Also, I'd never seen either of the support bands live before either & after tonight, I still hadn't! What can I say? I got there too late - in fact I only got in there about 10 minutes before NIN took to the stage! Well, I did have to buy a wee drink & a souvenir T-shirt first of course! So, humble apologies to anyone who was waiting to read what I thought of the Mew & Jane's Addiction live experience, but all is not lost - Mew are touring in the autumn, so hopefully I can get round to seeing them then :) Oh & for anyone who's never been to the O2 Arena before - a few words of warning - the actual arena is just one tiny part of the enormous O2 complex & depending on where you have to get to in the arena, its a long, long walk! Also, if you are in the seated part of the arena…
  • Review: Nine Inch Nails + Jane's Addiction, MEN Arena, Manchester, 14-Jul-09

    15 jui. 2009, 11h59m par amodelofcontrol

    It took bloody ages to get there - two hours from Sheffield to Manchester, via Woodhead, thanks to Snake being closed and awful traffic in Manchester city centre, and I managed my first longer distance drive without any problems - but last night's gig was worth every single minute and then some.

    Needless to say, our late arrival meant that we had no chance of catching up with anybody - and only ran into a couple of friends of the many we had planned to meet up with by chance - but we did arrive with time to spare (just) to see all of Jane's Addiction's set.

    Which was a bloody good thing, as I've wanted to see Jane's Addiction for many, many years, and I'm happy to say they didn't disappoint. Helped no end by a beautifully set-up sound that was nice and clear and very, very loud (as well as having huge amounts of bass), they made few concessions to casual fans in their song choices. How? Well, opening with the epic Three Days, for starters…
  • NIN - Malta Festival, Poznań, Poland / 23.06.2009

    24 juin 2009, 17h40m par nalesnik

    Nine Inch Nails in Poland
    Ciężko się zabrać do opisywania wieczoru, na który się tyle czekało i co do którego do niedawna jeszcze się miało niemal pewność, że nigdy nie nastąpi, szczególnie po ogłoszeniu, że Nine Inch Nails zawieszają działalność... Czy muszę dodawać, że wydarzenie to jest czołowej trójce najwspanialszych wydarzeń w moim życiu? ;)

    Zaczęło się punktualnie o 20.30, kiedy to bez zbędnej plątaniny z ustawką (jak to mają w zwyczaju krajowe "gwiazdy") na malutkiej scenie na terenie MTP pojawił się Alec Empire i zmiejsca zaczął swoją rzeźnię. Osobiście nie miałam wcześniej kontaktu z jego twórczością, podobnie jak, podejrzewam, spora część widowni (choć sądząc po wypowiedziach na oficjalnym forum nin ogólnie jest znany i szanowany). Muzyczkę ma, jak już wspomniałam, masakryczną, tak że miejscami nawet ciężko za rytmem podąrzać, nie mówiąc już o wyłapywaniu jakichkolwiek słów. Ale pozytywnie, choć raczej wielką fanką nie będę :)

  • pozNIИ - 23.06.2009 - even 1.000.000 times better than i imagined

    24 juin 2009, 5h50m par mihavv

    Pon 22 VI – Festival Malta

    Nine Inch Nails & Alec Empire

    A teraz przejdźmy do meritum, jak mawiał nieodżałowany andrzej strzelba.
    Trent stwierdził niedawno na łamach niejakiego 'mojo', że nadejszła wiekopomna chwila. Zawsze chciał, żeby NIИ miało markę i renomę. To było od poczatku jego celem. Ale teraz jak patrzy po swoich kumplach, to jeden 'niedawno' wziął ślub i 'już' ma czteroletniego synka, a on co? Śpiewa po raz sześćsetny 'Head Like a Hole'. Stąd też decyzja, a raczej wyrok. Kończymy na jakiś czas ten cyrk objazdowy, płyta pewnie jakaś, za jakiś czas wyjdzie, ale z koncertami stop. 'Wave goodbye' te słowa przewijały się jak mantra na koszulkach. Postanowił przy okazji zaszczycić i nas, po raz pierwszy.

    Miejscówka całkiem przyjemna, blisko dworca, co jest bezcenne przy takich imprezach tak dla uczestników jak i dla miasta. Otoczona budynkami i gdzieniegdzie drzewkami. Na podwórzu, czy może bardziej placu, stała umiarkowanej wielkości scena…
  • Final U.S. show for NIN @ Bonnaroo

    17 juin 2009, 4h04m par Bugbiyte

    I have had a borderline freakish obsession with Nine Inch Nails since I was twelve years old—and have defined myself by this industrial/goth obsession for the better part of my adolescence. And since proclaiming that you love Trent Reznor these days is kind of like saying you think candy is quite tasty, let it be known that even back in the late 80s, when Jem and the Holograms dominated my lunchbox-sized TV set and Pretty Hate Machine never left the tape deck, I was one crazy wild and intense twelve year old dancing spastically after school to "Terrible Lie" and "Head Like A Hole" despite much parental protest.

    So, you can only imagine how i felt when i heard Trent Reznor announced he was going to retire. In fact, I was in denial until he reminded us during his performance at Bonnaroo saying:

    “This is our last show in the United States...Don’t be sad, we’ll keep on going."

  • NIN/JA 2009 Tour; Merriweather Post Pavillion

    10 juin 2009, 20h54m par C_Sznajder

    Tue 9 Jun – NIN|JA 2009

    Yesterday, I went to the NIN/JA tour at Merriweather Post Pavilion. Best concert I've ever been to. We got there pretty early to avoid waiting in a long line. After getting food and waiting in line for another hour or so, it started to rain really hard. This storm was the whole nine yards, wind, hail, lightning and heavy rain. Fortunately, we and a bunch of other people hid under the awning under the ticket booth until the lightning stopped. The storm settled down after a half hour and we went back to the line, which was pretty short but it began to grow pretty quickly. Gates opened thirty minutes later than scheduled thanks to the lightning but we got in with plenty of time to spare and found pretty good seats/standing area in the lawn, despite all the mud.

    Street Sweeper Social Club: I was really, really impressed with them. They kind of sound like a less rebellious, but still politically conscious version of Rage Against The Machine. …