• A bit about 'Contaminated'

    31 jui. 2007, 10h37m par nickblahblah

    Originally written about someone who I fell into, but she didn't fall back.

    "you gave me and inch and I fell for a mile..."

    I wrote this after I realized that the only way I could be with her was if i tried to be her friend and covered all I feel.

    "and I'll try to be sane when I got you on my brain..."

    Interesting Facts:

    Recorded with:
    3 Vocal Tracks (Lead, Lead and Backing)
    Midi Strings Section
    through Garageband

    Backing vocals sung by Nick and a friend Fern Tumohe.

    Recorded over a period of weeks with different styles and sounds.

    Originally there would be use of a drunk kit in the song.
    But was removed for final DEMO