• 2011 Predictions

    12 jan. 2011, 20h44m par CGholy

    Remember that these are predictions and some of these will not happen at all.

    Britney Spears's new album will top the chart in at least ten countries and sell over a million in it's first week. A lot of people will compare to to Circus and Blackout. She will duet with Nicki Minaj She will release a haunting ballad that will be loved by the critics and fans alike.

    Circus & Blackout will make another respectable chart appearance.

    Lil' Kim will work on a new album. - CONFIRMED

    Ke$ha will piss herself, get arrested and throw up on Obama's shoe.

    Lady Gaga will also sell millions.

    Annie Lennox will praise Nicki Minaj.

    Mariah Carey won't release anything this year but will write songs about her babies and get baby advice from Céline Dion.

    Keisha Buchanan's solo career will be a sucess and rumours will soar that she is having an affair with Jay-Z.

    Cher will make at least one number one hit. - Her song won a Golden Globe Award.