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  • space-2

    This is quality. All the albums are excellent and the new one is no exception. Thanks Shara.

    Mercredi matin
  • SinsWritter

    She needs more recognition!

    Lundi après-midi
  • fallsucht

    Just another masterpiece. It never stops. LOVE.

    Il y a 7 jours
  • wandering_blue

    Liked so much her new album

    Il y a 9 jours
  • SaraBeeJim

    the new album is masterful :)

    Il y a 11 jours
  • PlayDead82

    New album is awesome!! I love my brightest diamond!!

    Il y a 12 jours
  • naosei_

    I loved the new album, I hope it gets some recognition.

    Il y a 14 jours
  • heads_bullet

    Apparition <3

    le mois dernier
  • Actually_GIOS

    The new album it's pretty enjoyable, amazing record.

    le mois dernier
  • telex_x

    I'm enjoying this new album soooo much.

    le mois dernier
  • electricneon2

    The new album is AMAZING !

    le mois dernier
  • UTfratastic

    New album is amazing. You never let me down, Shara.

    le mois dernier
  • thlister

    Lover Killer! https://soundcloud.com/asthmatickitty/my-brightest-diamond-lover/s-rBMlR

    le mois dernier
  • GoodVibes_22

    This Is My Hand is going to be a revelation, I just know it.

    juillet 2014
  • xuntastico


    février 2014
  • princegarth

    thank you for the music

    novembre 2013
  • BjorKGagA

    Bring me the workhorse is masterpiece.

    juillet 2013
  • c0rdell

    think its time for a new album

    juin 2013
  • Haalf

    change the default pic [3]

    février 2013
  • lfsc25

    change the default pic [2] So f***** horrible main pic.

    janvier 2013
  • mira1791

    ця музика занадто близька моментами....+)

    décembre 2012
  • Gerry_Digger

    change the default pic,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,>_<

    novembre 2012
  • lakestuff


    octobre 2012
  • postymcpostertn

    Gorgeous show in Tacoma on Saturday! Come back to the PacNW soon! Setlist & Photos: http://pacificlectic.com/2012/09/24/mybrightestdiamond-tacoma2012/

    septembre 2012
  • ASongInMySoul6

    @Eosson: Would that be The Owl of Love? She sings in on The Clogs' album The Creatures In The Garden of Lady Walton.

    septembre 2012
  • Eosson

    I saw Shara live one month ago. She performed a song about an owl. Does anyone know anything about it?

    août 2012
  • chemzed

    All of her songs are equally amazing.

    août 2012
  • c0rdell

    From The Top Of The World is by far her best song.

    juillet 2012
  • niqart

    ♥ I Have Never Loved Someone the Way I Love You ♥

    juillet 2012
  • sonofawidow

    sweet mercy she is the prettiest. and what a voice. annie clark is great and all, but she ain't got nothin on shara.

    juillet 2012
  • toolgasm

    I had the pleasure of chatting with Shara about the latest album, her performance at the recent Vivid LIVE festival in Sydney and collaborations with other amazing artists (including Sufjan Stevens and Matthew Barney). http://musicis-mybf.blogspot.com.au/2012/07/article-shining-brightly.html

    juillet 2012
  • Halqion

    Last sunday, I saw her for the first time in the Bimhuis. It was amazing! I laughed, I cried, I clapped and stomped on the floor and fell in love.

    juin 2012
  • lucasnascimento

    Hello, I saw that we have some influences in common and would like to show my band: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5NHZTH_aRA

    juin 2012
  • 13_melek

    here is a video of an interview we did with shara worden while she was in istanbul for a concert http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YRzGmUMsOM

    mai 2012
  • akinisia

    mai 2012
  • Jimi-Jam

    If you follow Shara on Twitter you'd already have seen this video link to a recent show of hers in Paris. Here it is in case you don't ... http://liveweb.arte.tv/fr/video/My_Brightest_Diamond_Les_femmes_s_en_melent/ Enjoy :)

    avril 2012
  • MrAslema

    The song "October Jazz" downloadable for free on the side http://www.lastfm.pl/music/Eternalovers . This is polish psycho/dark trip hop/ambient/nu jazz.

    mars 2012
  • alessa26

    you are so amazing:) maybe it'll be a chance to see you in Poland

    mars 2012
  • justfetus

    she was so fun to watch live. just made me smile :)

    mars 2012
  • CesaarAlvees


    mars 2012
  • ecedr


    mars 2012
  • Sleepforlife

    her voice is beautiful

    mars 2012
  • peacebiotch

    I finally saw her live and now I can be happy in life.

    février 2012
  • Under_Radar_Mag

    We chatted with Shara about the new album: http://www.undertheradarmag.com/interviews/my_brightest_diamond_interview_shara_worden/

    février 2012
  • chemzed

    @must4rdgas Yah, A Thousand Shark's Teeth is probably my favourite album

    février 2012
  • Randwer

    @milrohir: At first glance I missed the darker mood, that the previous albums served. But "All Things Will Unwind" is definitely a grower. Now I like its vitality a lot. Shara is wonderful, she can serve groove as well as gloom. <3

    janvier 2012
  • milrohir2

    Her new album is weird. I like it but can t associate it with Inside a Boy and Bring Me the Workhorse, I prefer the older to the new one.

    janvier 2012
  • must4rdgas

    BatsMouth wrote: November 2011 After A Thousand Shark's Teeth truly disappointed me and I found really bland. I hesitantly picked a copy of her new album and all I can say is it's great, I feel it is a real return to form. Lovely. I can't believe you don't like A Thousand Shar's Teeth! Everything of theirs is gold, IMO.

    janvier 2012
  • sinztye

    Discovered her in a youtube video wherein "Flume" was performed by Bon Iver, The National and her. I'm so glad cos she's awesome!! :D

    janvier 2012
  • bau_markt

    If you like the idea join I'd love to become a song.

    janvier 2012