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  • nazihexsatan


    juillet 2014
  • VitunHipit

    How to turn an awesome song into an even more awesome song ? Go ask Moonsorrow.

    septembre 2011
  • Xhi

    Much better than the original [...] [2]

    juin 2010
  • Metal4ever88

    @ SnowyReaper: Each to their own. At his age I liked some of that stuff (I still like some of it to this day). In due time his taste WILL get better. For him to like Moonsorrow at this stage in his life is a good sign.

    février 2010
  • Amaru_Cheetox

    Granted I've only heard the original on youtube, so crap sound quality - but this seems to be a million times more atmospheric, epic and powerful. He does a damn good job at death metal vocals too!

    août 2009
  • SnowyReaper

    lol! that kid thinks Cof and Log are heavy. awww.

    août 2009
  • endkashika

    i fuckin love the ending riff !!!111one

    août 2009
  • Kojiri

    Pretty decent, though the original still reigns supreme. Nobody can outclass the mighty Merciless at their own game.

    mars 2009
  • macho2

    Wow...absolutely amazing. Moonsorrow definitely knows how to make ownage covers.

    mars 2009
  • Metalmahem27

    Moonsorrow is one of the best bands i know around, i used to be into heavier stuff (e.g. Lamb of god, Cradle of filth and other death metal stuff) But this has completely changed my mind... Absolutely amazing song... ^.^

    janvier 2009
  • rosevignat

    probably the only pagan kind of metal band I like

    septembre 2008
  • Lyrici17

    an amazing cover.....!!

    septembre 2008
  • KryptoN

    Much better than the original IMO.

    juin 2008