• Poorly written review of Moderat's S/T, oh boy!

    25 nov. 2009, 18h58m par dx_xb

    Moderat is the two gents behind Modeselektor (Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary) plus the guy behind Apparat (Sascha Ring). These three fellows all produce electronic music in Berlin, so either collaborations or dis tracks are pretty much mandatory.

    The first four tracks lull you into a false security that the whole album will feature glitchy Burial-like beats, but this is not so.

    The first track, A New Error, starts off with a simple loop of a broken major chord that reminds me of Aphex Twin then the dub kicks in and gives this track a unique kick. It's a rather bold blending of different styles, that somehow works very well and sets the bar pretty high for the rest of the album.

    The next track, Rusty Nails, sounds very typical of a Modeselektor track (or Burial, practically the same sound nowadays). This track features the Thom Yorke/Chris Martin-esk vocal stylings of Mr. Apparat himself. This track typifies everything I love in a Modeselektor remix, that delicate blend of upbeat and melancholy. …
  • Moderat - Berlijns trio par excellence

    14 mai 2009, 8h05m par battgrrl

    Zodra de warme, analoge bassen van ‘A New Error’ het album inleiden, voel je dat je muzikaal verwend gaat worden. De eerste track alleen al slingert je langsheen EBM en disco, het dodelijk goede ‘Seamonkey’ en ‘Nasty Silence’ zijn donkere broeiende dubstep. De tribal rhythms van ‘Slow Match’ en de oude (toevallig teruggevonden) Modeselektor-opname van de vocals van Paul St Hilaire doen deze song gevaarlijk en dreigend klinken. Moderats debuut ligt nu al op ons dun stapeltje met kandidaten voor ‘Plaat van het jaar’.