Snape vs. Snape (4:55)

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  • deathislife2011

    It's 2013, and still this is an amazing song!

    4 avr. 2013 Répondre
  • thetoulousefan


    5 jui. 2012 Répondre
  • SEH221

    Love these guys. This song is great :)

    25 jan. 2012 Répondre
  • WampireChild

    I just absolutely well in love with this song.... <3

    18 avr. 2011 Répondre
  • spice1111

    Wow... Just... Wow.

    31 déc. 2010 Répondre
  • classicalchick

    MoM rocks!

    22 nov. 2010 Répondre
  • kopciurek

    <3 <3 <3 <3 People can change, people can change <3

    29 oct. 2010 Répondre
  • -vreni

    absolutely heartbreaking.

    25 oct. 2010 Répondre
  • amychid

    mmm, i love this

    1 sept. 2010 Répondre
  • pwnsomeandrew

    New Album in the works, very excited.

    29 jui. 2010 Répondre
  • ravenclaw94

    This a great compilation! LOVE!

    16 jui. 2010 Répondre
  • AstronomyMoon


    17 juin 2010 Répondre
  • ciaobiscotto

    such an amazing song~! but so sad :[

    3 mars 2010 Répondre
  • ashleyjf

    I absolutely adore this song! <3

    17 fév. 2010 Répondre
  • joycomesin

    Lord Voldemort has won.

    13 fév. 2010 Répondre
  • xSadHopeXx


    2 jan. 2010 Répondre
  • IamCanada

    This is the best Wizard Rock song I've ever heard. XD It's both fun and has more of a complex message than most of them.

    25 déc. 2009 Répondre
  • hilyhawk

    ADORE :D

    17 déc. 2009 Répondre
  • AriLilyLynn

    What a great song! My BFF Crystal came over the other day and we were listening to your music. We were dancing around (and i usually hate to dance! I'm not even going to the dance at school even though like 5 different guys asked me!) but were dancing and singing at the top of our lungs and my stupid little brother came in and turned the music off! I got really pissed so i took out my "wand" (yeah I have a painted stick in my purse i carry everywhere since I was like 11. Crystal's idea. Literally.) so i was chasing him around with it becasue he's 8 and he's really stupid and really thinks I'm a witch. But then several of my friends at school think I am some people are really stupid. Or maybe I'm just saying I'm not a witch becasue you're all stupid muggles! BWAHAHAH! O S**T did I really just say that! Muggles you never heard the word muggle/witch/potions/anythingmagic. There is no such thing as magic or Hogwarts-where-i-went-for-7-years-and-fought-in-the-battle-of-Hogwarts!

    8 déc. 2009 Répondre
  • elnajjo

    Snape vs. Snape break my heart every time!

    20 août 2009 Répondre
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