• Why I try to support Michael Brückner

    9 août 2010, 13h03m par GauchundSchlom

    About two years ago, a friend recommended the MySpace profile of Michael Brückner to me (www.myspace.com/mbrueckner)
    Michael, who is (like me...) from Germany, produces different kinds of electronic music (but mostly ambient...) in his spare time, actually like many others do.
    My first reactions to his tracks were mixed - a few, I didn't like at all, some were OK, still most actually were great...

    But what really amazed me was to read that Michael had produced more than 80 albums in about 15 years (that was then - at the moment he counts more than 90 albums, with much more music still unreleased...).

    This big number (in such a comparatively short time...) seemed to suggest not only an immense creativity, but also something like a continuos artistic vision, which I didn't seem to sense in the same way with most comparable spare time artists I had known so far.

    Actually, at first I couldn't quite believe it and suspected that he maybe even cheated a little…
  • Michael Brückner - the (nearly) complete catalogue

    19 mars 2010, 22h54m par BruecknerSound

    This catalogue is at the moment being updated (August 2012)

    Here's a fairly chronoligical list of my productions, with short descriptions. I hope to write a liste with extended descriptions and reviews one day - if I ever find the time to...

    If You are just interested in the albums as such, You can skip the (not complete, but still lengthy) introduction and just scroll down a little bit; however, I would be glad if You would read it, it will tell You a little bit about why I did certain things in the way I did...).

    The album titles are actually linked (as far as possible), so clicking on one should bring You to the corresponding album, here on LastFM in most cases...

    General introduction:

    1.) Availability

    Most of my albums have not been released on a label, with two exceptions so far, most important my recent album "100 Million Miles Under The Stars" on SynGate Records, a small but fine German CD-R label that concentrates on Berlin School style electronica (= similar To Tangerine Dream…