• Meshuggah - Catch Thirty Three - The Movie

    12 fév. 2007, 16h08m par FatherG

    Wrote this awhile ago:

    Meshuggah Catch 33

    Autonomy Lost

    0:00 - 0:33
    Exterior shot of a gleaming metallic spacecraft, currently in orbit around the Moon. Camera slowly moves around the craft from all angles, starting from the surface of the moon itself. No signs of life or activity are visible, just the seamless perfection of the craft's skin and the reflection of Earth.
    0:33 - 1:05
    A section of the exterior wall slowly opens up to reveal a smaller version of the craft itself gliding forward from it's resting place, a pale blue light being cast out from the craft's cockpit. As the camera moves closer to the smaller ship we see Jens at the controls.
    1:06 - 1:40
    Barking out lyrics and manipulating controls Jens brings the craft to life and flies out of the hole in the ship. Upon his exit the ships doors close behind him.

    Imprint Of The Un-Saved

    0:00 - 0:31
    Interior shots of the smaller craft, with an intial close-up of Jens. Closeup reveals a bright blue glow eminating from his eyes, the source of the initial glow from the cockpit. …
  • My Top 15 Artists Eplained

    13 nov. 2006, 20h40m par SoftNeedle

    1. Nickel Creek (922)

    I first heard Nickel Creek when my dad showed me the video to "I Should've Known Better". I thought it was ok, but decided not to persue them further. A few months later, I heard the same song again on someones iPod. I borrowed the first 2 albums off my dad, then bought the third one at the Cambridge Folk Festival 2006. That weekend I saw them twice :-D

    First Song Heard: I Should've Known Better
    Favourite Song: The Fox / Out Of The Woods

    2. The Mars Volta (654)

    I first heard The Mars Volta at the smoking area at Hills Road, whilst having a joint with my mates. I couldn't believe how different it was compared to a lot of other stuff I had heard. When in California on holiday, I bought Frances The Mute, followed shortly after by Scabdates and De-loused In The Comatorium. In November 2005 I saw them at the Birmingham Carling Academy. Thanks for the lift rV. Thanks for the ticket Josh.

    First Song Heard: Drunkship of Lanterns
    Favourite Song: Drunkship of Lanterns / Cicatriz ESP
  • Review of Meshuggah - Catch Thirty-Three

    28 avr. 2006, 18h57m par y_helo_mongoose

    I've not had a lot of experience of Meshuggah's work, compared to many people, but I do, however, have a lot of experience of the album Catch 33.

    This album is a bit of an experiment for Meshuggah, like a lot of their other work, it is a concept album, one which you can figure out for yourselves. Also, all the drums on this album are programmed, but you wouldn't have realised if I hadn't have said a word. The band sampled Tomas Haake's drums and then programmed them in the "Drumkit From Hell" app. It served as a massive advertisment for that product, too. And it was rightfully deserved, the drumming is spectacular.
    And finally, the album plays as one long song, at about 47 minutes, and to be honest, if you're going ot listen to it, set aside the 47 minutes to listen to it all the way through.

    Meshuggah also used 8 string guitars on this release, and the production is absoloutely top notch. It's completely crushing, and extremely powerful sounding.

    But, anyway, onto the song by song breakdown.