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    30 oct. 2012, 9h49m par OMavkaO

  • Киевские альтернативщики Marvel в Симферополе (май 2010)

    17 jui. 2010, 13h49m par selfdestruct87

    15 мая в симферопольском Rock Bar'е выступила киевская группа Marvel при поддержке симферопольцев Elevate To Heaven

    Организатором мероприятия по традиции выступила промо-группа Ravages Promotion.

    Дмитрий Полудницын (гитара) и Ольга Скрипова (вокал) собрали первый состав Marvel осенью далекого 2006 года. Это были просто четверо ребят, решивших творить и делиться своим видением мира с собственно миром. Естественно, постоянно возникали значительные творческие разногласия, которые приводили к изменениям в составе.

    Полный отчёт + фото:
    Видео: - Elevate to Heaven "For Whom the Bell Tolls" - Marvel "Ніч"
  • Skambankt in Denmark

    9 mars 2007, 11h20m par lurk

    The reports, along with lots of photos, are available on

    March 1, 2007 - Aalborg

    Three concerts in a row, fairly close together. Starting on my birthday. It didn't take long to decide which concerts of the tour I definitely wanted to see! Plus, I had heard a lot of praise about the concerts in Denmark, and now I wanted to see it for myself.

    Of course, we are talking about Skambankt concerts here... So things started going wrong from the very beginning. The B&B we had booked realized they didn't have a free room left after all, so we ended up in a tiny hotel room stinking of cigarettes. But well, we survived. And we got to watch a bit of TV in the afternoon and thus heard about the riots that were going on in Copenhagen... Sure. If the concert is not cancelled a few days before it's supposed to happen, if there is no snow chaos (anymore) - then we get street fights in the city instead to make up for it. Gotta expect that. =;-)