There are at least eight artists named Mala:

1) Mala is a DJ and producer mostly associated with the genre dubstep. He is one half of Digital Mystikz (also known as DMZ), a dubstep production duo consisting of Mala and Coki from the South London suburb of Norwood SE25. Go to and for more info

2) MALA (SERIES media): Andrés Ramírez (a.k.a. MALA) Inspired by a whole range of music and an insatiable taste for bleeps, clicks, noises and sound deconstruction, MALA’s production, in studio and on the dance floor, reach a particular style of sound sited somewhere between breaks, techno and abstract music, with a deadly dose of futuristic groove

3) Mala (Zaman Records): British based singer songwriter. Release titled « Wot One », comprising recordings that are eclectic, experimental and innovative. « Conengitetis » is currently voted as the top track on this page. Due to this technical issue, she is also set up as « Mala Papachan » on Last FM. Go to

4) Mala (WM Malaysia): Malaysian based pop singer.

5) Mala (retinascan): German electronic noise duo.Kleine Worte Sätze sind gut zerlegt in kleinste Einzelteile can be found open music contest sampler No.3.

6) Mala (Pakistani singer): was a famous Pakistani playback singer of Urdu and Punjabi films. [url=[/url nofollow=yes]

7) Mala (in English spelled as Edge) was Latvian band from Valka, Latvia formed in year 2003. Their records have been included in many underground music compilations.

8) Mala, is a French rapper originally from Pont de Sèvres in Boulogne-Billancourt (92), former member of the group Malekal Dead. His first and only solo album entitled Himalayas

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