Razzle and Stain (1990-1996)

The band was formed in 1990 as a pop/glam metal band, under the name Razzle, and gained a large following. The group released a demo tape in 1990 and an EP entitled « New Vibe Revolution » in 1993. A few years later, the group changed its name to Stain, but due to another band owning the name, they changed their name to Lit in 1996.

Tripping The Light Fantastic (1997-1998)

In the spring of 1997 the group released Tripping the Light Fantastic on the Malicious Vinyl record label. Malicious Vinyl went out of business shortly after Tripping The Light Fantastic was released, which left the band unsigned once again. They spent their time writing a new batch of songs and showcasing for various record labels until they signed with RCA Records in 1998.

The RCA years (1999-2001)

The group shot to stardom with the platinum album, A Place in the Sun, released in 1999. A Place In The Sun yielded the hit single, « My Own Worst Enemy, » which held the number one position for three months, and received a Billboard Music Award for the biggest modern rock song of 1999. It was followed by « Zip-Lock » (which featured Blink-182 in the video) and « Miserable », the latter of which was among the top ten most played songs of 2000 and featured Pamela Anderson in the video. The band performed over 286 shows and toured worldwide in support of A Place in the Sun. In addition to the Vans Warped Tour and a slot on Woodstock 1999, the band toured with The Offspring, Garbage, and No Doubt.

Lit followed up A Place in the Sun with the 2001 release of Atomic which gave the band another Top 10 hit with « Lipstick And Bruises ». Lit toured to support Atomic with Kid Rock, and Butch Walker. The group asked to be released from their contract with RCA Records in late 2002.

Independent years (2002-present)

Lit went on a small, intimate club tour in the fall of 2003 before releasing the self-titled Lit on the DRT Entertainment label on June 24, 2004. The single « Looks Like They Were Right » made it on the Top 40 charts. That year the group also put out its first long-form DVD, All Access, on November 16, 2004.

In March 2006, « The Slidebar » restaurant/bar opened in Fullerton, California, of which the band are co-owners.

It was announced on May 5, 2008, that Lit’s drummer Allen Shellenberger was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. He is currently undergoing treatment. His cancer was identified as malignant glioma.

On July 26, 2008, Lit held a benefit for Allen at House Of Blues in Anaheim, California. A number of bands performed including Sugar Ray and Handsome Devil. No Doubt drummer Adrian Young filled in for Shellenberger on the drums for a few songs. Both drummers also played at the same time for a few songs.

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