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  • samanthasair

    Lesiem and Ephemeral Mists are my current favorites!

    décembre 2014
  • Autdaruta

    Amen !!!

    août 2014
  • atlansweiss

    I liked Latin and English together, its better to known what they singing i do some search for lyrics, now i seek for spiritual and new age music, i known is close to eRa. i hope i find good music !! some times i need to seek for music , iliked it !!

    juin 2014
  • DGTAL_heisimato

    They made my childhood special. Luckily I found their CD yesterday <3

    janvier 2014
  • NelsonAharon

    this sound takes me away... just fly

    décembre 2013
  • zJesusJavier

    Just... perfect music for the soul

    octobre 2013
  • rodrigopaivac

    juillet 2013
  • rdeith

    If you love Lesiem, check out the new Mythos album Journey on

    juin 2013
  • greekland

    Love their music,makes me relax & forget my worries!

    mai 2013
  • psychelatte

    probably my fave next to Magna Canta. i like E.S Posthumous too, and Globus..

    janvier 2013
  • newager92

    more album please . we need this music

    décembre 2012
  • Erliane

    I'm so sad this is all they released, I wish there was more. :(

    décembre 2012
  • valyes


    juillet 2012
  • Orangesquashed

    Amazing :')

    juin 2012
  • Darlight

    Edelis has announced new album - "Ether" [new age-ambient-chillout] download free: escape to your dreams fantasy city. edelis music.

    février 2012
  • Xylvanya

    If you like ambitious and relaxing music, maybe it´s possible you like XYLVANYA: „Anxious“; „Beach II“; Regenbogen; „SA RIERA part I“, "Imperial Crown" „Climbing“ or „Ex-Mannequin“ or „Horizont (III) or "Gewitter-Regen" or "Erinnerungen an meinen Vater" or "Trust (Piano-Version)" or "Norwegen" or "Retrospective view" and many many more.....(all in all 6 hours of music, all songs free download) . Thank you for listening, support or feedback! Peace, Xylvanya

    janvier 2012
  • douglasC280

    super... ♥♥♥...

    janvier 2012
  • hasste

    incredible music for the mind and soul

    août 2011
  • Romamy

    No puede faltar rsta discografia

    juillet 2011
  • neil0000001

    @clytie_hizashi fuck you.

    avril 2011
  • Harrygeorama

    Yeah clytie_hizashi you have some real good "artists" there in your library. My art teacher used to play this to torture us when he was in a bad mood.

    avril 2011

    muy buena musica muy tranquila

    mars 2011
  • adelinadarkstar

    I need their work as well as Magna Canta's!!! They seem similar to Gregorian too.

    mars 2011
  • InfiammatoPiFer

    The musics fron the last post are: 14 - Morgain and 15 - Morgause

    février 2011
  • InfiammatoPiFer

    For the people that need the bonus musics of Lesiem, from the Especial Edition Times album, contact me. I have these musics ins 320 kbps!

    février 2011
  • InfiammatoPiFer

    Pessoal! Para quem gosta do Lesiem e não possui ou não acha as musicas raras do cd de edição especial Times (Morgain e Morgause) fala comigo. Espero visitas no meu perfil! Vlw ae

    février 2011
  • KL-7


    janvier 2011
  • Yan-Leshenko

    To load to itself an album Yan Leshchenko (SUNSHINE) инструментальная, романтическая музыка. стиль: New Age, Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo, Easy Listening, Instrumental, Lounge

    décembre 2010
  • Yan-Leshenko

    Приглашаю послушать мою музыку

    décembre 2010
  • PimeaMetsa

    MA-RA (3)

    novembre 2010
  • Daphnee84

    haunting... but so beautiful...

    novembre 2010
  • Ri_Riverine


    octobre 2010
  • Eruwens

    MA-RA (2)

    septembre 2010
  • RioPalmares

    Inspiring ) Especially Navigator

    septembre 2010
  • adelinadarkstar

    they are fantastical<3 I love ambient chant groups! Gregorian, Magna Canta etc.

    septembre 2010
  • LuliusCaesar

    When, the new stuff?

    septembre 2010
  • bastard_cat


    juillet 2010
  • Pieerrot


    juillet 2010
  • malliorb

    Is OK

    juillet 2010
  • myth7791

    Morgain (The Light) and Morgause (The Darkness) feat. Maggie Reilly are perfect!!!!!!!!

    juin 2010
  • OLdSKuul62

    I like this music . its very interesting.

    juin 2010
  • OLdSKuul62

    @ binsuck @ clytie_hizashi There is no such thing as bad music.Period.You can't even use the bad taste in music argument.Music can be horrible to you ,and it is still good to someone.I suppose if every single person on earth hates it ...It could be called bad then. But that will never happen until all the band members die.It sort of fits in with this rather interesting statement.( There is no such thing as nothing. It is impossible to have nothing ,since nothing is something in itself ) Music is one of the most personal experiences we have that we try to share with everybody. And sometimes it ruffles feathers when something is said ( It gets personal because music is personal first an foremost )I saw a shout in another shout box stating the lyrics were nonsensical and that the artist should never have written it. The artist responded by stating it was a song written about a good fiend that had died, and that creating that song helped him through the bad times. Think about it.

    juin 2010
  • mrsaberi

    very nice

    mai 2010
  • Paolatinini

    mai 2010
  • InvisibleDeath

    Потрясающая в свом роде группа

    mai 2010
  • LuliusCaesar

    my fav!

    avril 2010
  • The_Thomas


    avril 2010
  • cvoronin


    mars 2010
  • darrylangel59

    Just one word: WOW!

    février 2010
  • binsuck

    bringin' it back. Since you brouught it up enigma lady...Who is best qualified to say what is good and bad music? you certainly seem to have quite an opinion about who can talk about your precious bands...aaaand you never answered any of my earlier questions! it's not good to leave a dude with blue balls you should know that! my dick might fall off. also, you may have noticed i have some lil' wayne plays so discount everything i say.

    janvier 2010