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  • Jiemba

    Good Vibrations

    décembre 2014
  • guto013

    fucking infectious

    septembre 2014
  • jakobdorof

    fantastic live version on The Long Goodbye

    avril 2014
  • mrtolstoi

    This is probably my favorite song by LCD Soundsystem. Brilliant in every way. A fucking masterpiece.

    février 2014
  • Zalvador05

    I'm certainly no expert on electronic music, but this song is brilliant. [2]

    juin 2013
  • Mechayoshi


    janvier 2013
  • black6dahlia

    this song is the love of my life...

    novembre 2012
  • alexxwaters

    i fucking love this song [3]

    novembre 2012
  • plasmazombie

    I'm certainly no expert on electronic music, but this song is brilliant.

    novembre 2012
  • GNR27

    I fucking love this song [2]

    septembre 2012
  • kenz2334

    wish i could see this live again

    août 2012
  • rhinowing

    this song live

    juin 2012
  • shishkebabz

    I fucking love this song.

    mai 2012
  • Cheezdude

    but it's seems it's mine that always keep on stinging

    avril 2012
  • hf1809

    super song****

    avril 2012
  • zevozone

    Still the best song James Murphy has ever produced and easily one of the defining dance tracks of the noughties. Pretty much flawless.

    avril 2012
  • yous_E

    i donnow, which version to prefer: this one or the lindstrom version....mmhh?!?

    mars 2012
  • TheHutchman

    Street-walking music.

    mars 2012
  • xXPyrophorusXx

    One of the best dance songs of all time, bar none!

    mars 2012
  • CaretakerEdward


    février 2012
  • cigarbutts

    This song is fucking perfection.

    février 2012
  • Radixxs

    I can't help but like this. surreal.

    janvier 2012
  • Avius_Mind


    décembre 2011
  • Ariues


    décembre 2011
  • Arc_Of_Fire

    Loooooving this so much.

    novembre 2011
  • silvasonicsurfa

    ...really starting to enjoy this band......so many facets to their game.....

    juin 2011
  • athena_kay

    instant dance partyyyy [2]

    juin 2011
  • ThreeLilBoots

    this is a really good song..

    juin 2011
  • vveroniki

    Love it! Absolutely addictive.

    mai 2011
  • mrpopinfresh

    that guitar comes in at the perfect time

    mai 2011
  • jakobdorof

    best on album.

    avril 2011
  • blacknail

    ah. aaaoow! [2] <3

    avril 2011
  • LPsLastChance

    It doesn't get any better than this song.

    mars 2011
  • bratishko


    février 2011
  • Arrcardo

    ah. aaaoow!

    février 2011
  • pjzimmer

    nice tune!

    février 2011
  • baacardi

    best song on the album by a mile.

    janvier 2011
  • leopardgirl314

    so ace!

    janvier 2011
  • dutchndangerous

    instant dance partyyyy

    janvier 2011
  • prcher

    nice song. as soon as i heard them i became addicted to their sound.

    janvier 2011
  • za81

    Does this make anyone else go cross eyed when heard on headphones? It just sounds a bit... inside out or something.

    décembre 2010
  • ThreeLilBoots

    loooooooooooove it!

    décembre 2010
  • MightyShane2

    growing on me this one

    décembre 2010
  • rkf0901

    good tune...

    octobre 2010
  • garlicyoda

    Tuuuunnne!, back on form!

    octobre 2010
  • modestmarco11

    james was on the soup promoting he's new album, needless to say; he's a funny guy

    octobre 2010
  • Andresfac383

    my fave of the first album no doubt :)

    juillet 2010
  • Echoes917

    ba da ba ba ba I'm lovin it.

    juillet 2010
  • StigAnder

    I've been listening to a remix of this since I was 14, thinking it was the original. This is much better though.

    juin 2010
  • stevo796

    Best song off disc one for sure!

    mai 2010