• Ancient Music - My Confession

    23 fév. 2008, 13h14m par inn3rflow

    About four or five years ago, I was driving my car through a huge parking lot in South Florida - feeling utterly disconnected from nature, from history, from anything that came before they leveled a bunch of trees and poured concrete all over. At that moment a song played on the satelite radio. It was the Mummers Dance by Loreena McKennitt and it was my first time hearing it.

    Loreena's voice struck me at sea. (like Robert Smith once said) I was lost in a an endless ocean of commercial nothingness, surrounded by perfectly manicured palm trees, minivans and shopping carts. I felt so alone. I was longing for something, anything other than what i was seeing. I knew there was a world out there, but it was hidden, out of sight, far far away.

    That feeling was completely and utterly transformed into a wild flight of fantasy just from hearing a few vibrations of Loreena's voice. My imagination and my memory had been set on fire and intertwined in a wild serenade. I remembered glimpses of childhood. …