• persian music in recent years.

    16 nov. 2011, 15h16m par sepehrmagic

    first of all,i'm gonna talk about rock music.
    pop music is doomed in iran.that's all.
    in my opinion,persian rock started with Kourosh Yaghmaei.although i'm not that old,but i did a lot of investigations and all led to kourosh yaghmaei.
    Farhad mehrad,Fereidoon Foroughi and others that i don't remember right now were pioneers of 70's persian rock,inspired by bands like pink floyd,camel and other 70's classic rock bands.
    although the golden rock's age of iran didn't last too long.
    after the 1979's Islamic revolution and mullah's came,rock music banned.
    bands collapsed,female vocals (even back vocal) banned,veteran artists immagrated to foreign countries.
    in one sentence,persian rock collapsed.
    for almost 20 years,there was no sign of rock music in iran.
    even if they were some bands,they all played in silence and for themselves.
    but in recent years,with the help of internet and mass media,we saw a lot of progress in persian rock music.it's like,all these years of silence just made them stronger.