• Kid Rock - Rock N Roll Jesus

    26 nov. 2007, 21h09m par velocitywebdev

    Kid has a new album, and I've been listening for several days. It's kinda growing on me - and that's not a stab at the album. What I see is a diverse range of talent. Kid seems to have that talent, and is able to be diverse in his taste. With Rock N Roll Jesus, he truly mixes blues, rock, R&B, and rap to come up with something everyone can enjoy.

    Rock N Roll Jesus

    Rock N Roll Jesus - Title track, this song has a lot of great 70's style rock riffs with a little Wah-Wah thrown in for extra style. Great backing vocals, it just has a solid feel to it.

    Amen - This song starts out with a very simple acoustic riff with kid singing about the various problems in America - but living with a faith in all things good. This song actually reminds me of a little Bruce Springsteen or maybe Bob Seger.

    All Summer Long - This song takes it's lead from Warewolves in London - Warren Zevon - I would assume this is a homage to Warren. It's sped up a little, has a bit of country thrown in, and all in all is a cool little tune. …