• Kettel - Myam James 2

    12 mai 2009, 14h32m par boekebaas

    "Good things come in two, right?" - It was our philosophy when we launched Kettel’s (aka Reimer Eising) Myam James album series a year ago. Today we are sure that our philosophy has become true. We present the astonishing sequel and final part of the series: Myam James 2!

    The first part of the Myam James series was the ultimate score for one of Kettel's specialties: melodic 303/acid madness, poured over with melancholia. We consider it as a milestone in Kettel's electronic affairs. Myam James 1 is a specialization course; one that you may love, hate or feel indifferent about. Either way, it set an expectation for the second part.

    Myam James 2 is a far cry from the first part. MJ2 is mournful, intriguing and it unfolds musical sides of Kettel that many of us could only have dreamed of. Some of you will compare MJ2 with the few movies that became a bigger success than their prequels. …
  • Kettel - Myam James part 1

    29 avr. 2008, 7h50m par boekebaas

    After two magnificent Sending Orbs albums (Through Friendly Waters 2005, My Dogan 2006), another brilliant album on Clone/Dub (Whisper Me Wishes 2007) and a handful of releases in the early 2000s, Kettel (Reimer Eising) completely forgot how to play the piano, arrange his compositions, let alone have a reasonable conversation with his label. He is constantly blathering about "De Spreeuw", a prune eating lamb, a drunken motorist fish (?) called "De Baars". Can you follow us? Fortunately, he rolled out and finished the plans for a new release before all this happened. Maybe it is even our fault, because we stimulated Mr. Lunatic to release an album series: good things come in twos, right? Anyway, we hope that Kettel will recover soon. In the meantime we will keep you occupied with the Myam James albums.

    Myam James is maximal electronic music. Kettel manages to squeeze uplifting, warm, cheerful and enjoyable music out of his kettle and pottery factory, which is sad, melancholic and sensitive at the same time. …