• Why I hate The Fray's How To Save a Life

    1 juin 2008, 2h39m par brownstar

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    How to Save a Life

    The Fray is probably one of the most groundbreaking bands of our generation. They shattered the idea that your lead singer needs to be attractive in order to become a successful pop-rock band (also known as the Maroon 5 rule). The Fray's voice instead coming from someone who bears a striking resemblance to Karl Pilkington or the cartoon character "Bod".

    They also brought a whole new idea to the craft of lyric writing. Sure, they start out with a standard AA/BB/AA/BB rhyme scheme. Sure, they're really only rhyming the last words of lines that have no other melodic connecton to the one another. Sure, they rely on simple words to rhyme like 'you' and 'through'. But the Fray sets themselves apart by proving that you don't even need to rhyme different words in order to write a song!

    1)"Step one you say we need to talk
  • 'Song of the Week' magazine April 10-16

    12 avr. 2006, 6h52m par corkster

    Welcome to Song of the Week, issue 2 of infinity.

    News this week: First things first. If you haven't listened to the Ricky Gervais Podcast/radio show, download as many as is humanly possible as fast as your connection will allow. Preferably from this page http://www.karl-pilkington.com/xfm-radio-shows.php. Hopefully a lot of the links will still work, as the majority are hosted on short term storing sites, like rapidshare and megaupload. More about the show, you ask? Two words: Karl Pilkington. Genius or madman, it doesn't matter, he's one of the most unique people in the world, and when combined with the other two,he makes for some serious lol.

    Band this week: Once again, band Harvey Danger easily take the win, thanks to the discovery of a live show I didn't have over at archive.org. There are two shows there, but unfortunately one seems to have gone missing off the internet? http://www.archive.org/audio/etree-details-db.php?id=31992 Highlights include the Billy Squier cover of