• You Beauty!

    6 mai 2008, 23h43m par Acharis

    Thu 1 May – Kaki King, Ponyclub Massacre

    "Once is enough" Thats what I heard when I found out I could see Kaki King for the 2nd time in Sydney (her last performance at the Opera house, was in November last year) but as soon as she left the stage I realised I could have seen every gig around the country and still want more! Simply, she is one of the most incredible performers I think I'll ever see!

    Her skills need no talking up, watch/listen to her in action, thats all it takes to be held in awe! But she is so effortlessly charming!
    The recurring technical difficulties (*cough* guitar straps *cough*)!
    I don't remember blinking during Playing with Pink Noise & every single person gazing up at the stage during Montreal had a huge smile on their faces.

    Of all the artists who do the obligatory "I <3 Sydney" shit during standard banter, Kaki is easily the most sincere. Not only for her knowledge of local services