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  • DeeViant1

    .....never here again.

    novembre 2014
  • undrentide72

    still here!

    août 2014
  • Death-Lullaby

    Hold My Breath <3

    janvier 2013
  • snowfaller

    Sounds a lot like Tori but very nice.

    novembre 2012
  • undrentide72

    im still listening Joey!

    avril 2011
  • undrentide72

    Jo's artist edition of "The Unreachable Sky" is out usual its available through Jo's site

    juillet 2010
  • undrentide72

    Got it, its amazing as usual Joey :)) Im loving the alternate takes of the "Island" tracks, and i remember Queer when you sent me the demo 2 years back!!!

    mars 2010
  • jogabriel

    February 15th is the release date. It's a romantic day for me. Thanks lovie for always thinking of lil ole me.

    janvier 2010
  • undrentide72

    "Hunting Down The Ceremony" is down at the pressing plant now, should be with us soon!!!

    janvier 2010
  • Ardenis


    octobre 2009
  • LordHali

    Hidden Artists

    mars 2009
  • undrentide72

    Glad more of you are catching on!!!

    février 2009
  • mirume

    Wow, just discovered her today and I'm blown away! Must hear more.

    janvier 2009
  • JesusCouldFly

    She continuously reminds me of Tori Amos, both in piano playing style and (especially) in voice. This, of course, can only be a good thing.

    octobre 2008
  • citrusoro

    Fantastic. I discovered her a few days ago and can´t stop lstening.

    septembre 2008
  • undrentide72

    Soon be time for the new version of Fools and Orphans....seriously looking forward to hearing the alternate versions of Firefly and God Grant...

    août 2008
  • undrentide72

    C'mon people get listening! you dont know what your missing out on!

    juillet 2008
  • undrentide72

    and what an album it is!

    mai 2008
  • undrentide72

    posted Jo's discography over at the group... Jo's new album is available on May 7th as a website exclusive, head over to to order your copy!

    avril 2008
  • undrentide72

    new lastfm group for Jo

    avril 2008
  • undrentide72

    And yes C, the Amber sessions is fantastic!

    avril 2008
  • undrentide72

    New Facebook page created for Jo -

    avril 2008
  • undrentide72

    Never, but thats cos we have the most amazing taste in music!!!

    mars 2008
  • undrentide72

    Agreed, looking forward to hearing more from Jo :)

    mars 2008
  • LucieAndCo

    A new album next year? That is good news indeed!

    décembre 2007