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  • SimonePerrota

    It would be nice if the second disc was more thematically realized. Three or four joints sound like out-of-place leftovers from disc 1...

    janvier 2014
  • SimonePerrota

    There's no way is this album Jay-Z's worst (or close). I'll admit that some filler creeps in on the second disc but for the most part it's hot track after hot track... Also, Jay may be a little lax here flow-wise but he drops so many clever lines and gems that it SHOULD be easy to overlook...

    janvier 2014
  • ShowJosud

    http://www.lastfm.com.br/music/Jay-Z/The%2BBlueprint%25C2%25B2%253A%2BThe%2BGift%2B%2526%2Bthe%2BCurse/+images/55311475 good cover

    mai 2012
  • spiderone27

    What's wrong with the cover???

    mai 2012
  • Mr_Night_one

    wtf cover?

    mai 2012
  • SimonePerrota

    This and Vol. 3 are easily Jay's most underrappreciated albums... Both have some undeniably great moments and I think The TB2 is one of his better efforts generally - it pips the ridiculously overrated Vol. 2 for 6th place in his discog in my opinion.

    novembre 2011
  • jmj540

    besides a couple tracks, this shit sucks. jigga tried too hard to appeal to the mainstream on this album.

    juillet 2011
  • ThyDevourer

    Of course it's not better than its predecessor, but I do feel this is an excellent, if overreaching, follow-up. [2]

    juin 2011
  • aquaguard03

    These tags are nice and fucked up. How come last.fm can never handle multiple disc albums properly?

    avril 2011
  • Sooft_ah_um

    Poppin Tags...

    janvier 2011
  • mmudambi

    the bounce is the best song! love the sample of chole ke peeche

    décembre 2009
  • amanante

    There are lots of undeniably awesome tracks on this one, however there's a good deal of those ones that shouldn't have appeared at all. I guess that's why it's dubbed Gift and Curse "I see I said jeoulasy I said..." these lines are still on my mind

    octobre 2009
  • pamento

    Mediocre album... The Watcher 2 was the only great song on here. Horrible album cover too

    juin 2008
  • Tunsi

    Listen To Tunsi: http://www.paranarecords.net/mp3/slumradio.m3u

    mars 2007