• Dude, I Got a Mac!!!

    7 août 2007, 0h21m par lephenomjdiva

    So yea, the Dell was pissing me off royally with all the freezeups, so I rolled through to the new apple store in the mall and got a MacBook. Just dl'd the plugin for iTunes, as well assome new tracks (since I haven't transferred my old music yet), so definitely stay tuned for my scrobbles!

    As for artists, I got newbies as well as old favorites and some great comebacks!

    First for the newbies: As a big Boondocks fan, I found the track (finally) that they played at the end of the season 1 finale (Passion of Ruckus). Checked out her website, as well as her myspace page, and fell in love with the mellow bossa nova tracks. She is Isabelle Antena(and the song is called "I Believe in it".

    Also, there is a talented guy by the name of Eliott Yamin that has some nice R&B/Pop tracks...Definitely a suggestion for the ladies to listen to...(I wonder what he looks like...)

    Now for the Comebacks:

    One name: Amerie. I already loved her style before…
  • Colette and the Treasures That Lay Within

    22 juin 2007, 5h00m par velvetmorning

    I stumbled across Colette.fr on a fashion blog, not knowing what it was. Let's be honest, I clicked the link because I like the name Colette. And as far as I can tell, it's a site for a shop in Paris. The teddy bear-looking robots on the front page were enough to catch my attention, but then the music started...

    I'm absolutely giddy after having gone through all of these tracks. I don't have a clue where any of them came from, but I can't remember the last time I ever just wanted to get up and dance. And if the site is anything to go by, I'm assuming that they have released a series of mixes, so what's one the site would just be the tip of the iceberg.

    Many of them are startlingly Disco-oriented, but please don't let that scare you away. Or as Dimitri from Paris so eloquently concludes: "There's something about you/That makes me want to dance and sing".

    Oh, and the list includes the absolute coolest cover of Das Modell I've ever heard.

    Isabelle Antena - The Boy from Impanema
  • O Crêpe! playlist - le 13 mars 2007

    14 mars 2007, 3h00m par choupinette

    Carl Henry Brueggen - let's talk about hi-fi - let's talk about hi-fi
    Isabelle Antena - le poisson des mers du sud - nouvelle vague "late night
    Avril - urban serenade - ""
    Nouvelle Vague - come on eileen - ""

    - americaine - les creatures
    Katerine - le pyjama de soie - l'homme a trois mains
    Thomas Fersen - cosmos, croque
    Tom Waits - sea of love - orphans

    charlotte gainsbourg
    - everything i cannot see - 5:55
    Charlotte Gainsbourg - the operation - 5:55
    Mia Doi Todd - la vie en rose - the unaccompanied voice an a cappella

    Heavenly - nous ne somme pas des anges
    Heavenly - and the birds aren't singing
    Les Nubians - autour de minuit

    sylvain chauveau
    - la lettre qu'il n'envoya jamais - un autre decembre
    sylvain chauveau - du rave dans les yeux
    sylvain chauveau - sous tes yeux probablement
    sylvain chauveau - mineral