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  • Dimension5

    Really nice, relaxing music it reminds me on Rei Harakami

    Il y a 22 jours
  • Regular_Mike

    I actually think Touch/Tone might be his best album yet. It's so inviting and a pleasure to listen to.

    juin 2014
  • HopeFailsLM

    Sounds like what would happen if Lullatone made dance music.

    février 2014
  • cabfedhig

    sonic magician

    décembre 2013
  • bhairav

    New album is great! Enjoying it much more than Uphill City.

    septembre 2013
  • Regular_Mike

    2013 just got a whole lot sweeter. Hell yes.

    septembre 2013
  • sisiaras

    New IARAP album Touch/Tone tone out today, available on Bandcamp, Amazon, ITunes!! It's splendid :)

    septembre 2013
  • chronicplutonic


    mars 2013
  • AFKboy

    I could use a new album...

    février 2013
  • ancientvoices

    I'm in love!

    décembre 2012
  • garynotrashcoug

    Mellow and refreshing electronica!

    septembre 2012
  • dutopia

    This music is great to listen to when coding.

    mai 2012
  • AlexanderEmor


    avril 2012
  • Zeroshii

    Magical and fun (:

    mars 2012
  • landscapesss

    My favorite music to accompany a rainy day. =)

    janvier 2012
  • yayoy

    I quickly bought a copy of Uphill City after I heard Something to Write Home About on YouTube clip http://youtu.be/JUkKHNI5UTY It's very good.

    décembre 2011
  • csmeatwad

    My sister and I dancing to IARAP a little over 3 years ago: http://youtu.be/GLel_kkf9Mc

    novembre 2011
  • Taskusorsa

    Support gay robot rights http://www.gayrobotrights.com/

    septembre 2011
  • mr__robotto

    @inphanta: wow, well said.

    juillet 2011
  • Snow_Badger

    It sounds like I'm in a robot's head... I can hear my robot thoughts... I am a happy robot working on the line...

    juin 2011
  • Psycho_Fly

    I'm so fucking doped-up ^_______^

    avril 2011
  • T0mPeters

    Uphill City + Remix album = the best

    avril 2011
  • Earlmo

    This is going to be my #1 artist someday.

    avril 2011
  • inphanta

    @OscarDTravis: Technology does not offer "shortucuts to musical ability". Contrary to what a lot of luddites think, people who make music electronically do not push a magic button that does everything for them. Learning to use the multiple apparatus and associated software requires skill, dedication and patience. Much like playing a traditional instrument.

    avril 2011
  • inphanta

    I still have some of his stuff on minidisc that someone did for me ages ago...

    avril 2011
  • gamersgene

    Brucey? I thought you were dead!

    mars 2011
  • Kamikaze470

    I love Song for Two Wheels. Such a very pleasant song to listen to.

    mars 2011
  • OscarDTravis

    wow, technology allows so many shortcuts to musical ability, but this guy is a proper artist :)

    mars 2011
  • juann_neli

    Hey, please check my Solo project out ! You can download my song for free! just go to http://www.last.fm/music/Everyday+Sight ! hope you'll like it :)

    décembre 2010
  • IllumoHorizon

    Aww..this sound is so warm and playful, like seeing the world trough the eyes of a seven year old.

    novembre 2010
  • linnunhymy

    Thank you for making such a perfect soundtrack for my peaceful, perhaps quiet but even so happy everyday life. ♥

    novembre 2010
  • profe_nooo

    So sweet!!! Neil Lake ♥

    octobre 2010
  • red-green-blue

    dreamy music for those who have inner peacefulness

    octobre 2010
  • PartybotPPP

    Auto Response: partyBotPPP mode: activated partyBotPPPaction: activated http://www.last.fm/group/%27patphysical+robot+parteh beep Please note that the use of the word ‘pataphysical does not imply any connection with the ‘pataphysics group or any health giving properties! This is automated robot spam!

    septembre 2010
  • arcm0n


    juillet 2010
  • flowercupid

    If you dig this you should check out Zen Tapes, specifically numbers 1 & 8 :) http://zentapes.blogspot.com

    juin 2010
  • AFKboy

    My most listened artist =D

    juin 2010
  • juanchopepe2

    love this artist

    juin 2010
  • charlester

    reminds me of pixel junk monsters

    mars 2010
  • ceramicrobot

    I am robot and proud! :D

    mars 2010
  • rodanside

    mew mew!

    mars 2010
  • landscapesss

    too bad the deets are in japanese. anyone translate?

    février 2010
  • stevenkeys

    Remix album announced.

    février 2010
  • DevasionRecords

    amazing music- really detailed, mad impressive!

    janvier 2010
  • FelipeMalta


    janvier 2010
  • whythe60shateus

    cool :D

    décembre 2009
  • alek0824

    heartwarming sound

    décembre 2009
  • pojorific

    You can't help but feel a little bit better after throwing this over the speakers. Bleeps and bloops never soothed so well.

    décembre 2009
  • shura0815

    so cute!

    novembre 2009
  • Chives42

    found this guy with a remix he did

    octobre 2009