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Heroin and Your Veins is a one-man band started in 2006 by Janne Perttula in Tampere, Finland.



The debut album

Solina Records released the debut album "Dead People's Trails" on August 15th 2007.



The second album

The second album is called "Nausea" and it was released on April 15th 2009 by Verdura Records



Intermission music

On April 19th 2011 a 48-minute track called "Lovely Bone Structure" was released in the internet as a free download.



The third album

The third album is called "Regret" and it will be released in the future.




Heroin and Your Veins is music for the sake of music, given birth by my subconscious with spontaneity as a midwife. I am influenced by a variety of things from Chet Baker's death to Rowland S. Howard's downward smile and from David Lynch's ideas to Chesterfield cigarettes. I don't know what a good describing word for my music would be but I've never wanted to be a music critic anyway. It is instrumental, because I'm not sure if I want to tell anyone anything and if I even have anything to tell. It is incorrect to say this is a solo project. Projects have beginnings and endings, Heroin and Your Veins doesn't. It is because it is.




Some of my music can be listened with the MP3 player here. There are pieces from my albums and few that are released only in internet. There's also pages in Bandcamp, Soundcloud and a few other places. 




There are some music videos and album trailer videos in this website.




Heroin and Your Veins exists primarily on records. The live band includes Timo Korpi on drums, Kari Nieminen on bass and Irene Stachon on keyboards. Our first live shows were in August 2007. Since then we've played in front of audiences few times a year in the bigger cities of Finland. 



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