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Greydon Square


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  • herkyjerky

    Solid beats and flow, wonderful lyrics, seriously valuable music.

    29 mai 1h48m Répondre
  • awkward

    Yeah_Brah: the "Christianity is a lie" thing won't get old as long as there is such a thing as Christianity.

    23 avr. 19h42m Répondre
  • damnruckus

    What a gem

    19 fév. 8h22m Répondre
  • yodaman5606

    Refreshing to see an rapper not only being a outspoken free thinker, but at the same time mock other rappers at the same fucking time. Is there anything else I could love about this man?

    1 fév. 7h45m Répondre
  • Delirium-Cordia

    Even though his beats aren't too interesting, I have to respect a guy who takes a largely visceral genre and turns it into something more intellectual.

    16 jan. 23h48m Répondre
  • Yeah_Brah

    He is a good rapper but the whole "Christianity is a lie" thing is getting old really fast.

    31 oct. 2013 Répondre
  • bawitback

    The Compton Effect best album

    6 jan. 2013 Répondre
  • Neue_regel_

    Geydon's - Prison Planet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4T2Bdrp_pM is my currently favourite Hip-Hop track ever, along with 2pac's - Starin' through my rear view http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X203WIT3mYk (Legendary. I used to blast this when I was in the army(which was like prison for me anyway)) I would be glad to find more tracks like these.

    21 déc. 2012 Répondre
  • sms-sam

    He needs to do a UK tour!

    19 déc. 2012 Répondre
  • freakymonkeyear

    :D <-- nuff said

    15 déc. 2012 Répondre
  • Sole_Inspired24

    Just bought the Mandelbrot set off iTunes. Such a great album even after the 1st listen. Keep doing your thing Grey!!

    2 déc. 2012 Répondre
  • awkward

    listening to Galaxy Rise.. . and i gotta say, not many hiphop songs (or songs of ANY genre) mention Schrödinger's Cat, the concept of self-similarity, fractals, black holes or quantum fluctuations. all in one verse too! absolutely love this stuff. though i've heard GZA is making an album called "Dark Matter" and it's gonna be all science-y too...

    27 oct. 2012 Répondre
  • Poghril

    @Tomrawrr: I agree, Taylor Swift is where it's at

    23 oct. 2012 Répondre
  • Tomrawrr


    11 oct. 2012 Répondre
  • icicle241286

    Speaking about Greydon Square, evolutionary biologist and University of Oxford fellow Professor Richard Dawkins remarked: "Blud, dis brare as got da KILLAH SKILLZ! 'E is well tearin tings up in da hip-hop world, bruv! Me main man is da BIG DOG, & is showin' dem Xtian haterz how to slice it up so SIK! Yo, get tha dollah, Greydon! Brrrrap! Dawkins out!"

    30 sept. 2012 Répondre
  • MrAudico

    The problem is you can try it on anything Switch the Gods around and apply it to anything The Flyin Spaghetti Monster, Zeus, Amin, Ra Krishna, Odin, Baal and then Allah Which one of em's our God? None of em all false And blame it on the Atheists its always our fault Except it never is So don't get mad at us we just showin ya'll the evidence

    25 sept. 2012 Répondre
  • drippz

    no god, no jesus, no deity to trust.

    17 jui. 2012 Répondre
  • gswalwell

    Love your music man. Keep fighting back, the world needs you and your music. If you ever make it down to Australia hit me up and I'll by you a beer. Greg.

    23 mai 2012 Répondre
  • EdProcter

    should be bigger than this

    7 mai 2012 Répondre
  • Staubii

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! :)

    5 mai 2012 Répondre
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