Our First Photo Shoot

30 nov. 2009 | de

So yesterday we had our first photo shoot, and it was an interesting experience to be sure. I’d like to thank Ken and Pat for their help, they were great at picking cool locations and great to work with (full disclosure: to Paul they’re “Uncle Ken” and “Aunt Pat”).

Anyway, it’s definitely an odd experience being photographed with the endgame being “How cool do we look in this?” Trust me, there are very few things I am worse at than looking cool, and as we did our solo shots Paul and Ashley heaped on the helpful advice by simply saying “serious face” over and over again. Honestly, they just kept going “Ryan, serious face! Serious face!” When they shouted it at Will it made sense, and then when I was up there I realized that “serious face” doesn’t really mean anything, it’s just unhelpful nonsense, and there’s nothing better than people shouting at you when you’re trying to maintain a serious pose. This is pretty much what my thoughts were during the shoot:

- Don’t look at the camera
- Don’t smile
- Wait, should I smile? Are they smiling?
- OK they’re not smiling so I won’t smile
- Maybe I’ll smile like halfway? Wait NO do not do that you look like a child molester.
- Does this look weird? I feel so awkward right now
- Is this what other bands do? Just make stoic faces while feeling like tools? Such a glamorous life we lead…
- It is COLD.
- Serious face??? I have no fucking clue what a “serious face” even is.
- Alright Sprute, come on now, get it together. OK look off in the distance. Look thoughtful and shit. Fuck this is good, I’m sure I look cool.
- Did the photographer just smirk at me? I swear he just smirked.
- This is not going well. I am a failure.

However, all in all I think it went pretty well. It was kind of sketchy at first because we were going through Chinatown alleys after dark (one of our locations was where the Wah Mee massacre occured, which was spooky yet morbidly fascinating to be at a spot where something so horrible occurred without any visible evidence left), but nothing awful happened. One notable highlight was a homeless woman first “woof”-ing at us like a dog would, then moving on to making the “AH-OOOOOOOOGAH” sound as we walked away. We finished our shoot in the Kobe Terrace, and afterwards went to Kau Kau’s to have their delicious BBQ pork that I highly recommend you try out.

Anyways, the pics will be up in a week or so after getting them developed, and get excited because our EP comes out in just a few days, which will be available as a download or as a CD to order. We just put a couple of videos up and I’ll be posting some photos from the recording session soon. Have a good week ya’ll.

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