Glenn Liljestrand is a Swedish guy who loves music & sound. His stuff is concentrated towards ambient, melodic & downtempo electronica. Resembling the likes of Kitaro, ISAN, Jarre, Helios, Vangelis and other similar artists.

In Spring 2008, seventeen Swedish artists on three Swedish netlabels gave their view on the concept « time ». Never before has a project like this been done in Sweden. In these times of illegal downloading people forget that there actually is legal music to download on the internet. Glenn Liljestrand was featured on the 2nd release, with the tune « I min stresskvävande låda ». For all info about this project, please visit:

He is more known under the alias « Glejs », producing simple and sweet electropop and other electronic sub-genres. You can find some of his music @, or right here at (

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Glenn Liljestrand

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