Glejs is a one man project located in the middle parts of Sweden. Ever since he was a little kid he always had a special place in his heart for music and sound. Around summer 1996 he was introduced by a friend to a shareware music program called “Fasttracker 2”… Glejs was immediatly hooked, and later that year he bought himself his first PC. Composing music quickly became his favourite hobby!

His early works are very varied. Ranging from electro & trance/techno to drumnbass & game-influenced melodic stuff. All kinds of electronica and “blip blop”. He also made some remixes, mostly of video games and anime series. He worked with FT2 until last quarter of 1999, when he started dreaming of having his own little hardware/midi-based studio… A year later he had converted fully to his new dream studio.

The reason he chose syntheseizers and the electronic sound before buying an acoustic guitar is simple. You can do so much more with electronics! Also, early video game and computer music made a huge impact. Chris Hülsbeck, Rob Hubbard, Yuzo Koshiro, Nobuo Uematsu, Yasunori Mitsuda, Michiru Yamane, Koji Kondo. You name it, he listened and loved them all. And still do, of course. :)

These days he’s trying to concentrate his music towards the electropop-scene. Very minimal, simple and melodic. For vocals most of the time a vocoder is used. “Robots are so much cooler”, he says…

You can listen to the electropop project right here at, or at Some shortened clips for all of you to enjoy.

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