• Don't deny. I'm good at what I do

    3 jui. 2009, 22h39m par My_Sharona

    Turn on the shuffle in your player, play all your songs and let the music be your prophet...


    Where do you live?

    Song: Illusion & Dream
    Comment: It's only true because I sleep too much lol. Though what is too much really?

    Describe your first love:

    Song: Would You Go With Me
    Comment: She did come back =]

    Describe your current crush:

    Song: Rocket
    Comment: My girlfriend doesn't evenmake me feel like that.. and I love her

    What is your challenge?

    Song: Running Back <3
    Comment: Life story !!!

    Who are your friends?

    Song: New American Classic
    Comment: Hmmm... Pretty song though

    Black betty[.track]
    Comment: No. But I'm pretty close. LOL!

    What did you do last night?

    Song: Sister Don't Cry
    Comment: It's true. I definitely didn't cry

    Where were you last night?

    Song: Don't Tell No Lies
    Comment: Thats why I won't tell you anything :D

    What is your life endeavour?

    Song: Radio<3