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  • pinkpressthreat

    'Dancing With Myself' most played track...had to be, really - great song and sentiment ♫

    octobre 2014
  • bloody72

    pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Generation X

    septembre 2014
  • burnk1t

    Actually, his original band was Chelsea, so this bio is somewhat lacking.

    juillet 2014
  • tsmiths


    juillet 2014
  • Lord_DeviL_


    avril 2013
  • im0308

    Just a great band.

    mars 2013
  • loungegizzard

    Gotta have "Valley Of The Dolls"

    février 2013
  • RaposaSutil

    Ready Steay GO XD

    février 2013
  • eduabc

    Kleenex is my favorite generation x song!

    novembre 2012
  • igorgeneration

    Kiss Me Deadly<3

    juillet 2012
  • WinterChapter

    Reminds me of my youth youth youth!

    mars 2012
  • grossy2


    décembre 2011
  • northernbeach

    What do you think about my band?

    décembre 2011
  • FuckerDance

    One Hundred Punks

    septembre 2011
  • borntohang

    A LOT better than some will make them out to be. They had the melodies, the lyrics, the looks, the vocals (Billy has always been a great singer, despite some dodgy solo material) and the attitude. I guess they've always had to take some stick for being slightly more "commercial" than acceptable. But why would anyone even care about that when the music obviously didn't suffer from it?

    août 2011
  • theoffspring91

    One Hundred Punks :)

    mars 2011
  • FuckerDance

    One Hundred Punks

    mars 2011
  • taikuda

    the best 70's punk rock's...!!! yeahhh...

    mars 2011
  • mauriciohoyos

    "you tell me if this doesn't rock... it's new" [2] ...SLC punk!!!

    mars 2011
  • naohiroxx1968

    R&R LOOK !!!

    janvier 2011
  • PsyX_

    чарты лол, группа ахуенная(

    novembre 2010
  • Sundays_Slave

    "you tell me if this doesn't rock... it's new"

    novembre 2010
  • Old_Punka

    I was in their fan club too lol

    octobre 2010
  • cady_am


    septembre 2010
  • Scentlesss

    i'll be grateful if somebody would send me few generation x albums?

    août 2010
  • nastyroker

    Best Punk band ever!!!

    juillet 2010
  • benxander

    Why so little scrobbles? They're easily one of my favourite punk rock bands.

    juillet 2010
  • rdesensi

    Hrmmmm... Have been listening to Generation X Radio all day (5 hours) have heard exactly ZERO Generation X songs. wtf?

    juin 2010
  • FloydPT90

    Surprising low number of scrobbles.... They were great!

    mai 2010
  • WasteNoReason

    Oldschool Punk & Hardcore <---join my group

    mai 2010
  • grossy2

    Thiey were a great punk band and you little faggots don't know shit...

    mai 2010
  • Manoloxines

    good ol'Billy!

    avril 2010
  • TheClash57

    whats this? its new...

    mars 2010
  • martyboy777

    from the <3

    février 2010
  • fagnerluiz

    i love this heat!

    février 2010
  • sakurabunny

    février 2010
  • thedarkknight1x

    There used to be a group of wrestlers called Generation X.

    janvier 2010
  • martyboy777


    décembre 2009
  • grossy2

    that's nothing to brag about...

    mai 2009
  • towzak

    Kiss me deadly is a wonderful track. Unfortunately, Billy Idol was plastic so Gen X evaporated pretty quiclkly into Billy's self esteem and self loving. First album worthy of a good shout - after that it all goes downhill. Punk band ? bout 5 minutes yeah but lost the plot.

    mars 2009
  • t0talimm0rtalz

    awesome band

    mars 2009
  • fantomsquid

    solo idol makes me want to puke but the first Generation X album is Indispensable.

    mars 2009
  • time_2waste

    i agree with kinksy

    mars 2009
  • killergrl09

    Youth youth youth is all time favorite!

    février 2009
  • BlueSuedeShoe

    Kiss Me Deadly, Billy.

    janvier 2009
  • heyletsgetknown

    what's remarkable is that billy idol was able to maintain a career outside of generation x.

    janvier 2009
  • bamboocha69

    мне нравица ready steady go!

    décembre 2008
  • tosser67

    Memories of teenage sex 'n' drugs 'n' violence for kicks.........need I say more?

    octobre 2008
  • psychopeach

    lets sink another drink

    septembre 2008
  • grossy2

    one hundred punks RULE!

    septembre 2008