• From the Archives, Vol. 1: Top 50 Albums of 2009-2013

    30 mai 2014, 1h02m par Khanatist

    Ok then, let's not blow this further up.
    You may have noticed how my participation on this site has gotten less and less over the years (although I have the feeling is on a hiatus altogether; correct me if I'm wrong). What you did not know, though, is that I never stopped collecting these fabulous Top 50 lists by the end of each year. Lists, guys! Everybody loves them!

    Now you may think: Whoah, this dude had all the time of the world to research underground's finest tunes, so if that won't make for THE ultimate best-of list, what would?
    Don't expect too much for a few reasons. First, I haven't invested too much time in music - especially new music - past 2009; secondly, those .txt files dwelled on my computer for years without a direct purpose of publishing; lastly, and this is something I emphasize before posting these lists, because each list represents a preserved look back on my personal year in music without much revision. …
  • Live

    23 fév. 2014, 0h55m par nassuttaja2

    A list of all the shows that I have ever attended and all the artist that I have seen.

    Ankkarock '09
    AP-Fest Vol. 3
    Flow '12
    H2Ö '14
    Hammer Open Air '10
    Hammer Open Air '12
    Hammer Open Air '13
    Hellfest '12
    Indie iltamat '12
    Indie iltamat '13
    Kuudes Aisti '13
    Ruisrock '07
    Ruisrock '08
    Ruisrock '09
    Ruisrock '10
    Sonisphere '09
    Turku Saatanalle II
    Tuska '08
    Tuska '09
    Tuska '10
    Tuska '11
    Tuska '12
    Tuska '13
    Tuska '14
    Unholy Alliance III
    Åbo Massaker III

    Epäkristus+Vomiting Skulls+Minoria @ Tillintupa, Paimio ?.?.2008

    The Ocean+EF @ Klubi, Turku 27.05.2010

    Rotten Sound+Trap Them+Gaza+Haust+The Kandidate @ Klubi, Turku 22.4.2011
    Godflesh+Pedigree @ Tavastia, Helsinki 24.9.2011

    Swallow the Sun+Oddland @ Klubi, Turku 3.2.2012
    Sólstafir+Hexvessel @ Klubi, Turku 23.4.2012
    Moonsorrow+Ghoul Patrol @ Virgin Oil, Helsinki 29.6.2012
    Barathrum @ Darkside Club, Helsinki 30.6.2012
    Ufomammut+Incoming Cerebral Overdrive @ Klubi, Turku 9.10.2012
    Death in June @ Dynamo, Turku 3.12.2012
  • Vinyl Collection/Trade List

    24 sept. 2013, 2h09m par thedailygrind

    This is my small but mighty record collection. I'd trade or sell some of those records, if you've got something to offer, I'm after. If there's something you want to get or trade, just get in touch and message me! Make sure to check my discogs collection, wantlist and sales for more details.

    100 Demons - s/t LP (brown)
    1349 - Tornado 7" Flexi
    1349 - Massive Cauldron of Chaos LP (red / black / white)

    A Life Once Lost - A Great Artist LP (picture disc)
    Abigor - Leytmotif Luzifer LP
    Absu - Absu LP (picture disc)
    Absu - Abzu LP (white)
    Achilles - Hospice LP (camo marble)
    Acrid - Sea of Shit LP (white / black)
    Ævangelist - Omen Ex Simulacra 2xLP
    Akela - s/t (clear / white smoke)
    All Else Failed - Archetype LP
    All Else Failed - Cradles & Graves 7" (purple)
    All Out War - Condemned to Suffer LP (clear red)
    All Pigs Must Die - s/t 12"
    Altars - Paramnesia LP
    Amenra - Mass I LP (gold /black marble)
    Amenra - Prayers 09+10 12"
    Amenra / Vuur - Split 7"
  • Some songs for AvertedTrope to listen to

    20 juin 2013, 9h54m par aworldofice

    Nails - God's Cold Hands
    Gnaw Their Tongues - Le Chant De La Mort
    Sara Stain - Trender Ender
    Dysplasia - Shortcuts
    Narratives - Grief
    Cloud Rat - Incantations
    Eucharist - Dissolving
    Embers - War
    Lay It On The Line - ...and They Stole the TV
    Crossed Out - Internal
    Obacha - Chetwrecker Split (strangely enough, most of this band's music on Bandcamp isn't separated into individual tracks, it's all just lumped together into one)
    Anal Birth - Infant Butchering (This is also a whole album, but you can just pick any song from it to listen to because a. None of the have titles to be distinguished by and b. They all sound the same anyway)
    Surgical Infection - An Extreme Case of Necrophilia
    Forbidden Colors - FEAR
    Phyllomedusa - Collect the Dead Skin as Means For a Shrine (I discovered this in late December or early January and I still think it's one of the weirdest things I've ever heard)
    DentalCyst - Using Pieces of Bodybag Instead of Condom (Another strong contender for the title of weirdest thing I've ever heard)
  • top albums 2012

    27 avr. 2013, 22h40m par bereteando

  • the top 40 rekkids of 2012 (I'm so late)

    31 jan. 2013, 3h31m par KMFCM

    The top 40 rekkids of 2012 (the worst fucking year ever)
    I told you this year would suck.
    I told you everyone would be hoping the world would in fact end.
    It didn’t though (but My Bloody Valentine might still bring about the end of the world next year, ha ha ha)
    ….not only that, very few bands really delivered albums that captured the general feeling of wanting the world to end this year. You’ll see which. I’m a little surprised I ended up having more than 40 albums to put together. You had quite a few huge disappointments. . . . .you also had a couple of bands suddenly deciding to really try this year.
    Here they are. . .

    Here goes the list
    40. Noisear – Turbulent Resrgence
    It getting on this list has nothing to do with whether or not they ended the album with a long ass noise track or not. It's just that good.

    39. Malignancy – Eugenics
    it's rare that a tech death band can write shit so creazy, and still not just be an in-one-ear-out-the-other band. It sticks.

  • MMXII.

    25 jan. 2013, 0h22m par xHeavenHellx

    2012 is over, it's that time when I like to look back and take note of what's been happening all year.
    And holy fuck, have there been many things. Like in 2011, I had a nice "little" list with releases that I should check out - ultimately counting more than 140 LPs and EPs. And just like last year I didn't even manage to thoroughly listen to half of it. So there's that.
    Naturally, this list is merely a representation of what I thought as of January 2013. I'm pretty sure that halfway through this year I'll stumble upon an album I haven't heard and think 'Damn, this is one of the best releases of the past year!'. So.. yeah. By no means definitive.
    I would also like to note that I very well could have compiled a list consisting of completely different records. Those listed here are just the ones I feel to need to communicate right now.
    Because of the sheer number of albums there are some omissions. I really would have loved to also include (e. g.) Travis Ryan's second band but I felt the need to choose one other the other. …
  • 2012 summary, or THE journal you've all been waiting for!

    3 jan. 2013, 19h15m par Mrozikos667

    So, yet another issue of the Year End Summary is about to amuse and bewilder you. It was an awesome year for music, and it was also a totally magnificent year for my other passion, cinema, but that's not the place to speak about it. Anyway, for quite some time I've had this thought that this summary business is kinda stupid – suddenly in December you realise how many potentially awesome albums you've missed and then you desperately try to make up for it by listening as much as you can, neglecting your work, studies, family, girlfriend, cat or whatever you've got to care for. Not that I intend to drop doing this or something, I guess I just like doing pointless stuff nobody cares about. Oh well, I start to blabber here. So, let's get ready to rumble!

    This or the Apocalypse – Dead Years (The Worst Album of the Year and The Disappointment of the Year; it's actually really, really sad how this band managed to stoop so low after two great releases...)
  • My top best 120 albums 2012

    1 jan. 2013, 0h44m par JavierGarciaCeb

    01. Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind.
    02. Pig Destroyer - Book Burner.
    03. Meshuggah - Koloss.
    04. Gojira - L'Enfant Sauvage.
    05. Napalm Death - Utilitarian.
    06. Blut aus Nord - 777 - Cosmosophy.
    07. JK Flesh - Posthuman.
    08. Neurosis - Honor Found In Decay.
    09. Deftones - Koi No Yokan.
    10. Fear Factory - The Industrialist.
    11. Every Time I Die - Ex Lives.
    12. The Faceless - Autotheism.
    13. Cannibal Corpse - Torture.
    14. Bleeding Through - The Great Fire.
    15. Lamb of God - Resolution.
    16. Aborted - Global Flatline.
    17. Cattle Decapitation - Monolith of Inhumanity.
    18. Between the Buried and Me - The Parallax II: Future Sequence.
    19. Isis - Temporal.
    20. Caliban - I Am Nemesis.
    21. The Locust - Molecular Genetics From The Gold Standard Labs.
    22. Car Bomb - w^w^^w^w.
    23. A Life Once Lost - Ecstatic Trance.
    24. Periphery - Periphery II: This Time It's Personal.
    25. Beneath the Massacre - Incongruous.
    26. Strife - Witness A Rebirth.
    27. The Acacia Strain - Death Is The Only Mortal.
  • Best of 2012

    31 déc. 2012, 11h23m par mathcore16

    2012 was cool but I undoubtedly missed out on a bunch of dope shit; due to a decimated attention span, heightened drug use and, like, studying n shit, I didn't keep up with new music nearly as well as I would've wanted to. My apathy dictated that the bulk of the stuff I checked out were EPs, which, as far as I'm concerned, are the ideal format for a musical release. There's a bunch of albums I'll undoubtedly jizz my pants over when I finally get round to hearing them (Chris Cohen, Converge, HTDW etc) but for now, here's what's good:

    20.Trim - Bandoolou

    LORD OF LORDS is all that needs saying.

    19. Black Breath - Sentenced to Life

    Fast, filthy, crusty, the latter term describes BB's asscrushing riffs just as well as it does my undies an hour after my first listen to this album. If Entombedcore is a trend then i'm DOWN.

    18. Kwes. - Meantime. EP

    'LGOYH' = spine shivers for days.

    17. Grimes - Visions