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Hi, hope everyone had a nice break.

So Matador announced Year of the Tiger today, it's pretty cool. Many of you might already know about this record and also may have already pre-ordered it. That's cool too. You can get it from insound and also Matador is doing a package deal where you can save money if you also buy DCTL.

Anyways, so you can read on there that the aside features Jim Jarmusch and Annie Claude from Dutchess Says on vocals, and Katie from Austra does some piano. The Bside is a weird rager. We're gonna play the Aside live in Toronto in Mid February.

Sorry to everyone who has ordered/tried to order the split 7" we did with Sloan. Josh who does our mail order and also plays the guitar just had a baby and she's not old enough to stuff envelopes yet. So please just be patient - you will get your record in 12 to 14 years, depending on the child labour laws in your country.

Lastly - and this will be the last time I mention this I swear - thanks to all the bands and everyone who came out to the benefit shows we threw last month. They raised more than $20,000 and showed everyone what a great and supportive city Toronto is. We spent the year touring every where in the world (except Pittsburgh) and played with and made friends with tons of great people and bands, but purposefully chose to program the benefit shows with only Toronto bands because there is so much cool stuff happening here. If we had more time to plan, we could have easily done 5 more equally amazing shows with all Toronto bands, so hats off to everyone here and nowhere else.

Also we are playing this show in Kingston at the end of the month:

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