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Concerts de 2014

Vendredi 2 mai 2014
HeartFest 8
Comeback Kid, Citizen, Bitter End, Backtrack, All Out War, The Mongoloids, Bracewar, The BannerFestival
Légion Royale Canadienne
Gatineau, Ottawa, Canada
45.483988 -75.65538

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Vendredi 23 mai 2014
Rainfest 2014
Backtrack, Converge, Andrew W.K., Modern Life Is War, Down to Nothing, Alpha & Omega, 7 Seconds, ExpireFestival
Seattle WA, États-Unis
47.613897 -122.319556

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Vendredi 11 juillet 2014
Stick to Your Guns, Helia, Bleed from Within, More Than Life, Hundredth, Heart in Hand, Monuments, NastyFestival
JC Rondpunt 26
Genk, Belgique
50.81077 5.284698

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Samedi 12 juillet 2014
Hardcore Help Foundation Sommerfest 2014
FOCUSEDxMINDS, Stick to Your Guns, No Turning Back, A Traitor Like Judas, All For Nothing, No Omega, City To City, The SetupFestival
Halver, Allemagne

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Samedi 19 juillet 2014
FOCUSEDxMINDS, No Omega, Bastions, Ashes, This Routine is Hell, Burning Bright, The River Card, As prayers FailFestival
Capelle aan den IJssel, Pays-Bas

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Dimanche 20 juillet 2014
The River Card, Statement XConcert
Asta Keller
Duisburg, Allemagne
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Lundi 21 juillet 2014
The River Card, ShitakeConcert
Potsdam, Allemagne

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Mercredi 23 juillet 2014
Bastions, FOCUSEDxMINDS, ImploreConcert
Koma F
Berlin, Allemagne
52.437148 13.546161

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Jeudi 24 juillet 2014
Fluff Fest 2014
Bane, D.O.A., Celeste, Sport, Backtrack, C, Heaven in Her Arms, RooftopsFestival
Rokycany Airfield
Rokycany, République tchèque
49.750198 13.596143

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